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Wordless Wednesday LIX: Snow sailing in Igloolik

This week I’m travelling for work and spent the first 1/2 of the week in Igloolik.  Later today I head to Hall Beach before heading home to Pangnirtung on Friday.

This is my 4th trip to Igloolik.  It’s always fun to visit a community you have been to, because everything is familiar and you know the lay of the land!

After one of my visits in the community yesterday I saw some of the high school students out learning to Snow sail.

Snowsailing Igloolik (1 of 5)

I had to stop for a few minutes to watch.  Looked like a fun way to keep warm in the cold temps of spring! Snowsailing Igloolik (2 of 5)


Wordless Wednesday LVIII: Fraser Island, Australia (2004)

Fraser Island, Australia

One of my favourite shots from exploring Fraser Island, Australia in 2004.  It’s getting close to the time I’m coming home…I really hope my vacation went as planned and I was able to have a bit of beach and sun adventures!

Wordless Wednesday LVII: Big Sweater Lil Baby

In December I visited my friends in Toronto and met their new daughter who was about 8 weeks old. She was so adorable…oh new baby cuddles are the best!  Big Sweater-Lil baby

I knit the sweater, and know that she’ll grow into it soon…for now it’s just a wee bit big, but fits if the sleeves were rolled up! Big sweater- lil Baby 2

Wordless Wednesday LVI: 12 Apostles at Sunset

This shot was a film shot I took in December of 2003, 11 years ago.  I’m hoping on my trip this month I might get to go back to visit this awesome coastline.  The great ocean road is gorgeous, so many amazing beaches and sites! 12 apostles- Great Ocean Road

I took the opportunity 11 years ago to go up in a helicopter it didn’t disappoint, and I had so many amazing shots from the air…this is one of my favourite ones!

great ocean road

Most of my photos from my year in Australia in 2003-2004…are not scanned.  I was a film SLR shooter then, I think maybe a project in 2015 might be to scan my negatives…and share some more shots from my epic year long trip living overseas.

Wordless Wednesday LV: Clyde River

It’s 2015…and I’m bringing back Wordless Wednesday’s for the year!

Clyde River-early AM

This was a shot I took back early in the morning on November 29, 2014…the flight had just landed in Clyde River from Pond Inlet (on route to Iqaluit).   I loved how the morning light was hitting the mountains behind Clyde.  I snapped this photo on the way from the plane to the terminal.

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