Wordless Wednesday LIX: Snow sailing in Igloolik

This week I’m travelling for work and spent the first 1/2 of the week in Igloolik.  Later today I head to Hall Beach before heading home to Pangnirtung on Friday.

This is my 4th trip to Igloolik.  It’s always fun to visit a community you have been to, because everything is familiar and you know the lay of the land!

After one of my visits in the community yesterday I saw some of the high school students out learning to Snow sail.

Snowsailing Igloolik (1 of 5)

I had to stop for a few minutes to watch.  Looked like a fun way to keep warm in the cold temps of spring! Snowsailing Igloolik (2 of 5)


Rainbow Walks…

Today I got a phone call around 1pm from a friend to tell me about the double rainbow around the sun.  This time of the year we often experience “Sundogs”…which I think is caused by created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere.  The last sundog I photographed was two years ago… in February, also here in Pangnirtung. 

Rainbow Walk (5 of 7)

Quick as a wink, I asked my friend if she’d like to go for a walk…and I bundled up and headed to her house.  We headed out of town–enjoying the SUNSHINE!

Rainbow Walk (3 of 7)

But also stopping to take a few photos of the Sundog.

Rainbow Walk (1 of 7)

(At times there was actually 2 rings–a double rainbow if you will, but only managed to capture part of the 2nd rainbow with my camera.)

Rainbow Walk (2 of 7)

The ravens were out to play!  It’s so much fun watching them play in the wind currents as they fly up and down…Rainbow Walk (6 of 7)

…one Shadow Selfie and a wave!
Rainbow Walk (7 of 7)

Even though the wind was cold–and it was -19C, it was awesome to be out in the sunshine…Spring has arrived in the Arctic!

Happy 9th Birthday Samuel

Today I’m sending Birthday Greetings to the person that made me an Aunt 9 years ago!

>Happy 4th Birthday Samuel!!!

9 is 6 turned upside down
Whenever you feel old, do a headstand and it turns everything upside down, even your age!


It’s time today to tell the world you’re cool and cute…
Full of fun and laughter!!!
Enjoy your 9th Birthday Cake…
I wish you a super awesome day!

Sending luv from Nunavut…Aunt Sarah
PS. Gramma has your birthday card from me in Lindsay!

#FMSPhotoaDay: Week 9


Day 23: Fix… On Sunday I got my sewing machine out and finally fixed the pocket of my parka.


Day 24: 12 o’clock… I tried on a friends parka, she was thinking of selling it but later in the week changed her mind. It was a gorgeous parka! Made me realize I need to get working on creating my new parka! (I purchased the material before thanksgiving!)


Day 25: reflection…what do you see?


Day 26: grow…just growing some roots.


Day 27: still life…


Day 28: thank you… My house-sitters from Christmas left me this fantastic tea as a thank you gift! Seriously…it’s such a fantastic blend!!!


Day 1: (March) starts with an R… Mmmmmm rice!


Another week done! I must admit this week was hard to keep up because I was on ‘duty’ travel…that’s what work travel is called. I was in Iqaluit all week but I caught up yesterday and am keen to start week 10!!! Why don’t you join me? Here’s the list.


Aurora Borealis

Last night I got a Facebook message from my friend Mike asking if I’d like to head out with him to see if the Northern Lights were out.  It was around 8:45pm and was pretty cold, but got bundled up and headed out when Mike arrived 30mins later!  Friday Night Northern Lights012

The lights did not disappoint!

Friday Night Northern Lights007

We headed up just behind my house…up past the water reservoir and set up to take some shots.Friday Night Northern Lights002

Mike helped me figure out my focus…one thing I always have a hard time doing for night shots–so it was awesome that he helped me out! Friday Night Northern Lights010

There’s something so magical just standing on a frosty evening (it was around -33C with a windchill of -37C) all bundled up watching the lights dance over your heads.  At one point just before we were going to jump on the skidoo to head to a new location I was like–OH WOW, Look at that!  (the lights had just jumped up on the horizon behind a mountain.) Friday Night Northern Lights004

All in all it was a fantastic night. Friday Night Northern Lights006

Thanks Mike for going shooting with me, can’ wait until the next time!

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