Friday Night Drive…

Sometimes you just need to get into a car and drive.  Well when you live in a small remote fly in community just below the Arctic Circle…options are quite limited.  However, we do have a road that goes alongside the fiord…past the sewage treatment plant, the dump for household garbage, the metal and wood dumps or as some people call it ‘Canadian Tire’–since you’d be surprised what you can find when you need a part to fix something!

End of the Road002

The road ends past the gravel pit…and is about a 5 KM stretch of road. Often I walk, but lately there’s been Polar Bears hanging around…and I’ve been too sick to venture outside of my house!

End of the Road001

Tonight a friend called and we went for a Friday night drive to the end of the road.  Just a slow trip to the end of the road to see what we could see.  We left at the ‘magic’ moment that is happening at the moment for light…the sun had dipped down behind the mountains on the other side of the fiord….the tide was coming back in and there was so much beauty all around.  Puts life into perspective when you see how gorgeous your surroundings are all around you….you just need to open up your eyes and wow!

End of the Road003

The tundra has started to change into brilliant fall colours…reds, gorgeous yellows and some browns!  Didn’t get shots of that this trip…but perhaps a walk this weekend will fix that.

I love how the tide was coming in and you can still see the ‘high’ tide rock markers in this photo below…

End of the Road006

Thanks for all your well wishes via Facebook, Instagram and email…I’m finally on the mend and can say I feel back to 100%!  It’s good to be home, looking forward to a weekend here before I take off on my next trip on Monday.

Random Ramblings…

Being sick is never fun.  Traveling and working while you are sick is definitely not fun. I got home on last Friday morning from my trip to Cape Dorset.  I went into the office finished up some work that had a deadline but by 3:30pm I was camped out in the Health Centre…waiting to see a nurse.  Yahoo for good nurses…that’s all I can say! After getting some meds. via a mask…to help my breathing…then some puffers and pills.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see the fun selfie I posted over there from that experience.  I was home and on my couch by 8:00pm…excited for a long weekend to just sleep and rest.  (…not my original plan, but glad that I had the next 3 days to do nothing at all.) That’s exactly what my body needed and what I did.  I’m glad to be on the rebound, and feeling a lot better!  I’m so thankful for awesome neighbours that called to check in and took me down to the Northern so I could get some fresh food…and supplies to make some soup. By Monday I was ready to do something other than sleep…so ended up making a comfy spot on the couch and decided to start to binge watch a TV show that’s new to me.


Almost 2 years ago a friend of mine left Pangnirtung and left me with DVDs of Season 2-5 of 6 feet Under.  Earlier this spring I got the first season from a friend in town.  So it was time to start to watch it. Six Feet Under was a HBO series that ran from 2001-2005.  Not sure why I didn’t watch it then…but I must admit, I’m kind of hooked about where this series is heading. It’s a bit darker of a TV show than I usually like…but there’s something about the characters and their stories that keep drawing me in. Looking forward to seeing what exactly is going to happen to the Fisher Family! (no spoilers if you have seen the series…)

Fall has definitely hit the air…today was nippy.  Almost time to dig out the mittens and hats again…walking home from work tonight I was talking with my neighbours outside…we stood around for a bit, until we all admitted we were a bit cold and hungry so went inside our warm homes!  This fall is going to be a crazy busy one for me…I will be travelling a lot for work.  It’s a good thing I like to travel.

More from Kinngait…

As you know from yesterday’s post I’m currently in Cape Dorset.  Tonight my friend Cassandra picked me up for dinner.  Before dinner we did a drive around tour of some of the cool spots in Cape Dorset!  CapeDorset-Day2010

We decided to do the tour before we ate…because the fog has been coming and going all day.  Luckily we did because by the end of dinner the fog had rolled in and seemed to engulf town.  CapeDorset-Day2001

The land here is so different from Pangnirtung.  It’s very rocky…and the rock formations are awesome to look at! CapeDorset-Day2002

This is the “bridge” that connects Dorset Island to Malik Island at low tide.  Pretty awesome… CapeDorset-Day2003

It was nice to have access to a vehicle and get another new perspective of the community from different views.  CapeDorset-Day2004

There’s something pretty neat about seeing boats sitting on the ground at low tide…before Pangnirtung got it’s harbour this use to be the way it was too! CapeDorset-Day2005

We were able to see a few icebergs floating in the distance.  I had seen them from the air when we landed on Tuesday..but it was nice to see them again! CapeDorset-Day2006

So rocky under my feet…seems like every 10 steps or so the rocks changed that were under my feet…to bigger, or smaller than this photo!


Out for a Wednesday walk…CapeDorset-Day2007Thanks again Cassandra for the awesome dinner and tour…it was great catching up!  I hope our paths cross again in the Arctic soon.


Greetings from Kinngait!

Hello, tonight I’m writing you from Cape Dorset also known as ‘Kinngait’ in Inuktitut. Tonight after a meeting I went on a walk to take in the sunset.  It was really gorgeous…I walked with a friend here in Cape Dorset who shared some of the history and stories of the land.  It always great to explore a place with someone that has lived there for a long time! CapeDorset-001

Now for those of you who might not know where Cape Dorset, Nunavut is…I decided to share a map with you!  Last night I flew from Pangnirtung to Iqaluit…stayed over night, then flew into Cape Dorset today.


Cape Dorset is known world wide for their artwork…prints and carvings!  Last time I was here 5 years ago I purchased 5 carvings… we’ll see what happens this trip. If you want to read about my adventures from my first visit to Cape Dorset you can find them at my ‘Newbie in the North’ blog HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!


Tonight for my evening walk I just went as the sun was setting up to the big gazebo.  Gorgeous views of town…


Then went back to Dorset Suites to catch the sunset from my balcony! Yup, my room here in has a balcony…it might be one of the only ones in Nunavut.


The last photo from the day was my view from my balcony tonight…



HaPpY BiRtHdAy Gramma!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU..

Happy Birthday to you…


Happy Birthday to you!


Dear Gramma,

Hope you are having a fantastic day…sending you birthday greetings from Pangnirtung, Nunavut.  I hope you are having a fantastic summer at the cottage–from what I’ve heard it’s been a great time!  I’ll try to call later tonight to give you birthday greetings over the phone! You are the best Gramma a gal could ever ask for… sending you heaps of love on your special day!

Luv, Sarah :)


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