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12 Days of Christmas Amerks Style

…it’s been awhile

>I have been totally enjoying my summer… and enjoying the lack of internets available where I have been staying.. It’s ‘almost fun’ living in an internet ‘dead’ zone… but tonight I am in town at my bro and sis-in-law’s house and  have a signal and was able to hop online for a quick update!

So what have I been doing?

Having LOTS of fun on the beach(at my family cottage)…. catching up with various cousins, and their kids…  jumping in the lake to cool off.. then sitting on the beach only to get HOT all over.. so it’s a ‘repeat’ kind of cycle that I have perfected and enjoyed!  (and in case you wanted to know… there IS a beach to sit on now.. and it seems to be growing as the days go by!)…

Here’s Charlotte my cousin (and God-daughter), Kat( my sis-in-law) and ME! 🙂

My mum and I had some cousins come to stay over night, (before our family reunion the next day)… and there were a few scrabble games… I haven’t played much.. and did lots of “small” 3-4 letter words.. but apparently came in 2nd over all with both games… scoring like 184 (the same for BOTH games?) can we say weird?
But it was a good way to pass the time with cousins!!!
I got to do a photo shoot for my Aunt Anne… of her horse ‘Romeo’…that was WAY fun…
Aunt Anne did some riding… and then did a few ‘tricks’… (seriously she’s a ‘rock star’ with some of the moves she and Romeo do… they make a great team!!) 
Here she is… standing on Romeo’s back… with the ‘carrot stick’–not a whip…but more used for direction…
I even got to ride Romeo… (so much FUN!)… Aunt Anne started me out with her ‘leading’ him… and then I asked if I could ‘do it by myself’ and well we did it!! (and I must admit Aunt Anne rocked it with my camera too.. she got some fun shots of ME… Thanks 🙂
A few nights ago one of my American Cousin’s Randy… got some fireworks, and sparklers… that was so much fun!! It took me a bit to figure out how to shoot them… and then to convince my little cousins ages 13 to 3 to stand STILL with their bodies, and only move their ARMS.. well (that didn’t quite happen) but I did still get some fun shots!!!
…This is one of my FAV shots…
..and there were fireworks.. that mainly went UP like flares into the night… but it was a really COOL show!! (thanks Randy for making it happen!)
..and of course.. there was a campfire… gotta luv your campfires!!
I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer vacations.. I know I sure am!!
 I have a two more  mini-trips to do before I head back to the ‘peg…and I’ll update you all as soon as those things happen… but am trying to just enjoy the time I have now in Haliburton…sometimes I just wish I could make time stand still and stay in the moment forever…
 it’s been a great summer so far, and there’s still some to go!!
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