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Internets and Cable….!

This feat was possible with the help to a co-worker’s husband who not only researched tvs for 2 hours
before we went shopping for them on Saturday,
but also installed said TV on the wall in my apartment–we wont’ say how long that took…

Furniture Delivery = a Happy girl in Winnipeg!

FINALLY, I got my furniture from Toronto!! I was soooo UBER excited!!!  I get to sleep in my OWN bed tonight!! SERIOUSLY this is a big deal… you might have remembered my ‘camping’ out in my new place… on the air mattress? Well tonight I’ll be back sleeping in my own bed!!! 🙂

I am so in love with movers—all I had to do was cross off boxes as they came up… (and hope and pray that my things survived 10months in storage, and then the crazy trip from Toronto on a huge truck!)…I didn’t have to ‘lift’ a finger…I can remember some of my moves…. and hauling everything myself… so much easier… …The last load I took a ride down with the two movers, and took some photos of the truck!
Yes! there was a ‘bit’ of unpacking… all except my books… it seems like I don’t have any book shelves anymore!  I took a couple north to Nunavut and sold them there, and my mum took my desk and the shelf that matches it—Sooooo without an IKEA in Winnipeg…(I’ve heard rumors of it arriving in 2012 and 2014? who really knows)… I have yet to solve my problem of the lack of ‘bookshelves’…
And for anyone that was wondering… Winnie the Pooh is still alive in Winnipeg (for how long he will be a fixture in my kitchen, I am not sure…but for now he’s still here…)
…I am SOOOO looking forward to crawling into MY OWN BED tonight!!!…. I am in need of shopping to find some bed side tables too…all in good time, this small shelf will do for now!!!!

Introducing Milo….

…yes, I named my car…his name is Milo (M-eye-lo)…yes, there’s a story behind it…and perhaps some day I’ll share it with you.. and maybe I won’t!

 We made it home from the dealership, safe and sound…but perhaps there were a ‘few’ stalls, I’m not going to say!!  I will have to take some more photos of him, he’s really quite cute! Someone from the dealership took these two photos outside the dealership….
As for the photos….the boys and I were all uber cold…but I wanted a photo….even though I look like a geek!  I’m not really sure why I have the expession I do on my face—I look really really silly–please ignore that look.  The guys from the dealership wanted me to say something like “yahoo new cars?” or something maybe they were like, “take the damn photo so she’ll leave and we can go home?” I’m not sure!
I was pretty excited about actually getting a CAR! 🙂 Nothing like driving away with your first brand new car… and praying you won’t stall it TOO many times.. OR that someone won’t ‘rear-end’ you…. Good times!!!

Driving with a clutch 101…

I went back to the car dealership tonight after work.  I had decided I’d see how I’d do with driving standard.  If I couldn’t figure it out after tonight I’d look at the situation again and figure out what I will do!

So, my trusty car sales guy, Jeff… drove me over to this huge parking lot at the race track.  I got in the driver’s seat there…and I started to get the ‘hang’ of the clutch, brake, gas routine…. even though there were a few stalls… after a few rounds around this parking lot (no one was there)…starts and stops.

Jeff turns to me and says.. “You ready to take it out on the road?” and I was like… “ummm, do you think I’m ready?!” and he nods, so off we go. I had to go onto the Perimeter Highway and as I was merging onto the highway(trying to figure out shifting)… there was this MASSIVE semi-truck… I was freak’n a bit… Jeff goes, “he’s not getting over for you…” I’m running out of ‘merge’ lane…. and speed up enough to go in front of the truck safely.   Then I look over at Jeff and I say, “when are we getting off of here?” and he’s like..”at the next exit!” (thank GOODNESS!)

Well the rest of the drive was fine… I did have a couple of other funny ‘stalls’…but for my first real time driving—it was ok… When I think about it I can’t do it… and I stall especially turning LEFT…after sitting waiting for the green light.

I went back to the dealership… filled out some paperwork…(will sign stuff on Wednesday)… and I get to go pick up my ‘new’ car on Wednesday!!


I have had my first sleep in my new apartment! Yep, yesterday I moved in… do I have furniture NOPE…but I have a trusty airmattress, food in the cupboard and brand new pots and pans!!! My furniture is expected to be here between Jan 19th and Feb 2nd…let’s hope it’s SOONER rather than later!!! 🙂

Internets and cable are going to be hooked up on January 26th… last thing I need to get is a TV.
ahhhh decisions decisions decisions… I’m so done making them, can’t wait for this to be over!!!
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