Driving with a clutch 101…

I went back to the car dealership tonight after work.  I had decided I’d see how I’d do with driving standard.  If I couldn’t figure it out after tonight I’d look at the situation again and figure out what I will do!

So, my trusty car sales guy, Jeff… drove me over to this huge parking lot at the race track.  I got in the driver’s seat there…and I started to get the ‘hang’ of the clutch, brake, gas routine…. even though there were a few stalls… after a few rounds around this parking lot (no one was there)…starts and stops.

Jeff turns to me and says.. “You ready to take it out on the road?” and I was like… “ummm, do you think I’m ready?!” and he nods, so off we go. I had to go onto the Perimeter Highway and as I was merging onto the highway(trying to figure out shifting)… there was this MASSIVE semi-truck… I was freak’n a bit… Jeff goes, “he’s not getting over for you…” I’m running out of ‘merge’ lane…. and speed up enough to go in front of the truck safely.   Then I look over at Jeff and I say, “when are we getting off of here?” and he’s like..”at the next exit!” (thank GOODNESS!)

Well the rest of the drive was fine… I did have a couple of other funny ‘stalls’…but for my first real time driving—it was ok… When I think about it I can’t do it… and I stall especially turning LEFT…after sitting waiting for the green light.

I went back to the dealership… filled out some paperwork…(will sign stuff on Wednesday)… and I get to go pick up my ‘new’ car on Wednesday!!

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