Introducing Milo….

…yes, I named my car…his name is Milo (M-eye-lo)…yes, there’s a story behind it…and perhaps some day I’ll share it with you.. and maybe I won’t!

 We made it home from the dealership, safe and sound…but perhaps there were a ‘few’ stalls, I’m not going to say!!  I will have to take some more photos of him, he’s really quite cute! Someone from the dealership took these two photos outside the dealership….
As for the photos….the boys and I were all uber cold…but I wanted a photo….even though I look like a geek!  I’m not really sure why I have the expession I do on my face—I look really really silly–please ignore that look.  The guys from the dealership wanted me to say something like “yahoo new cars?” or something maybe they were like, “take the damn photo so she’ll leave and we can go home?” I’m not sure!
I was pretty excited about actually getting a CAR! 🙂 Nothing like driving away with your first brand new car… and praying you won’t stall it TOO many times.. OR that someone won’t ‘rear-end’ you…. Good times!!!
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