Laundry 102…

Coming home from work today I noticed a really really really odd sight…. and I’m going to share it with you… I was coming into my apartment building..and standing in between the doors is this middle-age lady… in a WHITE bathrobe.  I think to myself that’s a bit weird.  But then this car drives up, she rushes out, grabs a book from the driver and rushes back into the building. At this point I was inside looking for my keys–she had hers out and ready to use, apparently there wasn’t many places her keys could hide in her outfit!

We then entered the building together, I had shared the elevator with this lady before…she starts talking as we wait for the elevator to come.  She’s very excited about this new book, it’s a signed copy and it was so cheap only $20 you know.  I say, “oh, what is the title” and then she gets a bit shy and doesn’t really tell me but tells me how exciting it is that it’s signed.  (a bit off).

At this point we are in the elevator, and she starts to explain her state of dress, or should I say ‘undress’… apparently she likes to wait til she has FULL dark loads, (she asks me if I do this… and I just nod, and think to myself–i want to get to the 12th floor pronto and make a mental note what floor she gets off on).. and well she waited for ALL her jeans, and pants were dirty and put them ALL in the laundry together, then changed into her bathrobe. She didn’t expect that her friend would call and say she was dropping off that book tonight… so that’s how she ended up at the front of our building in a bathrobe.

Hmmm if it was me I would have had my friend bring the BOOK INSIDE… and not leave my apartment!

And the kicker was, after she was talking about her “full” dark load… all I could think… was she doing a “full” white load of laundry at the same time?… ie) was she NAKED under that bathrobe…. guy I was so happy when she got off the 6th floor!!!

I’m not really sure of these ‘unspoken’ rules about laundry that go on in my building..but just so you all know out there… I fully intend to be FULLY clothed when I visit the laundry room, I’m not quite ready to join the “undressed, NEED a FULL load to do my laundry club!”

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