..the Olympic Trap…

Yes, I’ve fallen into it… hook, link and sinker….sooooooooooooooo LUV watching the games… and this week have ended up staying up TOO late.. watching events on my tv.

I so wish I was out there…. but I’ve been cheering on our Canada from my couch!!
I can’t believe how ‘close’ some of the times are… that separate gold, silver and bronze… sometimes it’s just .01 of  seconds… that is the difference between first and 15th!  Crazy… it’s nice to see the joy in all the athelete’s faces after they have a really good time, or run or whatever!!  The uniforms are fun to see too….
I hope everyone else out there is enjoying the “olympic trap”!!
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1 thought on “..the Olympic Trap…

  1. Tupperware - Lisa Marie

    >omgosh me too. I've stayed up WAY past my acceptable sleeping times just in the hopes to see Canada do well! Good thing it's only a couple of weeks and not a regular event! 🙂 And I fully agree how crazy the times have been. I was talking with Jonathan about it the other day – what did they do before they had such exact timing??(And the power of replay action?!) Go Canada Go! 🙂


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