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>a whirl-wind weekend….


This past weekend I flew to Ontario… a really good friend was getting married…and not wanting to miss a party.. or the chance to see some family and friends…I hoped on a plane.. and 2 hours later I was in Toronto!  (now should I mention how I sat between a trades-guy who worked a full shift and didn’t shower before boarding the plane (on the window side)…or the humming Asian man, who hummed throughout the two hour flight…and watched TLC’s What Not to Wear and switched it up with a little Treehouse… no word of a lie… how weird eh?)… I was happy to be able to fly again… I’ve been missing that a lot lately too! 
Early Saturday morning I got up and saw my hairdresser.. and she helped me out… YES, I went RED again!! You see–it’s not that big of change… a year ago when I went north I had her dye my hair back to ‘natural’ colours knowing I wouldn’t be able to ‘keep up’ with my roots living in the north… and lately I’ve been itching to go back to my ‘red’… so I did–and the results are awesome!

Later that afternoon I went to my friend’s wedding… now I’m not going to say much other than it was a beautiful amazing ceremony!  It was small and perfect… and well awesome to see them so happy with each other… I wish them all the best… I had the opportunity to be ‘their photographer’…I’m not at liberty to share many photos… but here’s a few from the ‘details’ of their day… eventually I might post more….

My friend, the bride, makes AMAZING chocolate truffles… and yep that’s what those glasses are full of… they were soooo yummy… and ate so many!!
One last photo… that still protects the identy of the bride and groom!
What else did I do? Well Sunday was for left for VISITING family and friends… (and I did manage a quick stop at IKEA–to pick up two new lamps..and a set of curtain panels from the As Is section!)… It was a very full day…but I’m glad I jam packed so much into the day… I spent the night in Burlington with my cousin Sue and her daughter Wendy… good conversations were had.. and possibly staying up too late..but well that’s ok once and awhile right? After my whirlwind shop of IKEA–where I saw lots of awesome stuff.. and wished Winnipeg’s would open sooner…. I went by where I use to live… it was like I never left… their 4 kids were so excited to see me… (I got a tour of all the ‘new things’… and what my old apartment looks like now… the bathroom tub was re-done; carpet in my old bedroom and new kitchen tiles…wow! 3 years I lived there without any of those wonderful deets!)… their youngest was born 4 months after I moved in… and we’ve always had a connection… and even at 3 1/2 this hasn’t changed! He brought over his blankie, and bear.. and cuddled up in my lap… as if it was only 2 days ago he had seen me last not almost 10months! 
I then had lunch with my friend Emily.. and her new boyfriend… sushi was had.. and good times, good conversation… It was soooo good to touch base….. even though the resturant was a bit sketchy… and the bathrooms were scary… (squeeking was happening ABOVE the toilet–looked up.. and it was an OPEN hole… in the floor…yep probably rats…. yucky…and then the subway went by and ‘shook’ the whole wall….) I peed and left quickly… probably not to return again! lol
I was lucky enough to stop in to meet Lily.. she was born this past December… and is the cutest baby girl ever!! (her proud parents are Anna and Jacob…)… and well it was awesome to talk, touch base.. and just hang out… I miss conversations like that… and well getting to hold a new babe…well that makes my day any day!!
It’s funny.. just before this photo.. Lily started to fuss.. she was tired and a bit hungry.. but I jumped up and said.. I need a photo… and well we snapped this one… and the one below… who would have known moments before she was a fussy babe? after this she was fed and had a good hour nap!
Here’s the shot I snapped of Lily and Anna…  and well Anna was not so excited I took her picture… but I think she looks GREAT!!! 
I swung by my brother’s and sister-in-law’s.. before I headed back to the airport.. to sort out my bags… I have become the ‘master’ packer.. and managed to pack everything and make the weight evenly distributed… It was good to see them..but again… such a limited time!! What I learned? a weekend it’s quite enough….but it’s better than nothing!!
I must say.. yesterday I ended up falling asleep at 4:30pm and didn’t wake until 6:30am… yup… I got caught up on my sleep.. which was good!  Speaking of sleep… I need to grab my laundry from the laundry room and jump into bed…. picking my mum up from the airport tomorrow… ahhhh good times.. she’s here for a week, and that makes me even more happy!!

>This is a story…about a dirty car…


Well today was the day… I did some research.. and found a carwash… that was pretty cool…and that I figured I could use without actually being IN the car–or having to do it MYSELF with a wand thingy… The place was called “the Chamois” …basicly you drop off your car at one end of the building…and then you wait inside.. and it comes through the other end and presto car wash complete!
Here’s some shots–of Milo… some BEFORE: 
—-YES! those are my finger prints…from opening and closing the hatch…. yucky!

DURING: (didn’t get an acutal shot of the wash..but the drying on the inside!)
—-apparently cop cars need to be washed sometimes too! 😉

THE AFTER! (isn’t Milo so SHINNY!?)
Shinny Milo….

I must say… I’m happy to report that Milo still has his windshield in-tact!! 🙂

one of those days…

>Have you ever had a day where just wanted to stay in bed? Looking back..perhaps–I should have just stayed in bed.  Have you ever had a day…that you drove–(quite a distance) to a destination…and parked and went in.. and asked for the people you were meeting? but realized you were in the wrong spot? So you went to another destination…and well asked for the people you were suppose to be meeting with? …and YEP you were still in the wrong spot?… Well third’s time is a charm right?… you finally get to the RIGHT spot(quite a distance from spot A and B), and ask the for the people you need to meet–meet with them… and then head to the office…

Ahhh fun times!(and all of that was before 11:30am!)…. I had some good news in the mid-afternoon, I have an ‘official’ parking spot…with a NUMBER and a plug in (which isn’t such a big deal now that spring has arrived, but next winter it will be nice to be able to plug in!)..this also means that I won’t have to park in the “scramble” lot–(basicly you park wherever, and often it’s like miles away from the college)… this made me VERY happy….. like giggle and like a school girl!!

Until I had another moment… have you ever called one place, asking for someone? and told that they don’t work there? and you are very confused? and hang up…. well I have… and then you have a ‘helpful’ coworker tells you that apparently there are TWO places called that on the list–and I obviously had called A and I needed to call B…goodness me? seriously? argh…. apparently it’s just one of those days…. (and people here in Winnipeg in my field–well they just might think I’m a bit crazy…but that’s ok….I’m learning.. and well won’t make those mistakes again!)

Oh.. and one more thing… Milo is VERY dirty… and well I’m afraid of ‘car-washes’ long story, but since you asked!! When I was little, probably 3 1/2 or so… my mum lost a windsheild in a car wash, NO I wasn’t in the car..that joy was left to my little brother in the backseat but I’ve heard the stories.. and well successfully have avoided having to go in them myself–because well I didn’t have a car until now.  Now this windshield might have been lost because my mum was unsure about how to USE the carwash…and didn’t put the car into park (but didn’t know she had to do that–or something)…so here’s the deal I don’t know how to use one… and I’m sure there’s instructions but I’m terrified of doing something wrong, and well breaking up Milo’s windshield…I’ve almost thought of asking someone to take him through for me but that just makes me look like ‘stupid’ girl…and I don’t like playing that role…but very soon I’m going to have to take him through one… because apparently while I was looking for the meeting spot first thing this morning… I got stuck in a puddle–and sprayed mud ALL over the passenger door and window…. yup…. it’s disgusting… so yet one more thing to deal with! 

Perhaps…another day…as tonight I’m vegging and heading to bed fairly soon… because I have two more ‘meetings’ out of the office first thing tomorrow morning…! Let’s hope I don’t get lost heading to them.

a Rant for a Sunny Friday Afternoon….

>Dear Rogers,

Must we have this talk every month? YES, my mum’s number is part of MY-5 package…and YES the guy who sold me the phone first inputted the number wrong–way back in Jan.  Now apparently the guy that I talked to in Feb who told me they fixed the problem got the number wrong again! Don’t you understand a gal has to talk to her MUM!?…without phone bills of $225 in long distance!?

I wonder… if you can get it right this time… (you better after being on the phone for 25mins and on hold for 16mins)….Well got the long distance money credited back to my account..But seeesh… and I get to talk to you AGAIN next month.. because my billing cycle starts on the 2nd of the month… YAHOO!!! (I should really get something from you for MY time… after the TWO agents that were incompotent…but alas… I didn’t ask… maybe next month when we speak… I’ll ask!)

Sincerely, an iPhone user who loves the MY-5 Plan when it works!

>First Friend Visit!!


Apparently all our ‘self-protraits’ didn’t really turn out so well…. I only snapped 3 photos—and well not really satisfied with any of them…here they are!
Mags was just here a short time (flew in from Toronto on Wednesday night.. and flew out later today)–the place she works is based in Winnipeg, but she gets to work from home in Ontario…YAHOO for being a writer!  It was so nice to have someone come and see my place…after all she’s the only one that has seen it besides me, and my super and the plumber–who had to fix something…that’s located in my bathroom (a tap for a vent thingy for the roof–i didn’t really ask questions!)…  Thanks again for coming!! it was nice to see you… 🙂
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