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Superhero Bingo-Bowling…

A while ago, there was an email that went around the office…with the question.. who wants to take part in a “superhero bingo bowling night” it will take part as part of the celebrations for Early Childhood Educator’s Week… It sounded like a lot of fun…. so I signed up… well finally tonight was the night!!!  (after madly sewing capes…a quick visit to the dollar store for some “superhero” gear… and I was ready to play!)
It always starts with the shoes… mine tonight were liek brand-new…and I thought were pretty stylish! And I thought if I owned a pair of these I would totally wear them and rock’ them all over the ‘peg!
Bowling Shoes
What’s with crazy carpet in bowling alley’s…there must be a bowling alley law that I am unaware of that explains the carpet choices!
Bowling alley carpet
Yes, the ‘turn away’ and flinch and ‘hope’ the last pin gets knocked over works every-time!
Another shot of another ‘super-hero’ in action!
Super-Hero Bowler!
..aren’t these capes fabulous?…I was excited to get ‘crafty’ again… but not so excited that the sewing machine that I was given by a friend—stored for a year doesn’t work… maybe I should have checked that out BEFORE I stored it for a year and 1/2? I think I need to finally get a sewing machine.. .apparently a new one was my ‘gift’ from my mum for completing my BA in 2002…but then was forgotten… (hint hint MUM!)
Capes for the Costumes!
Go TEAM Go!!!
Super-Hero Team...
Our team won “most spirit” for bowling…(perhaps this was due to my enthusiasm for gutter-balls…and then the shock/excitement when I actually got a STRIKE!)
Trophy + chocolate + bowling shoes
…what more can a gal ask for?…mini-trophy + chocolate BINGO board = Bliss
Me with my trophy and cape!
All in all it was a pretty fun night… my first time out for the “bingo” part of the bowling…. This was the card for Game #3…you had to achieve the bottom and work your way up to the top…
and if you got Bingo first–you won!
Bingo- Bowling score sheet...
…I luv these shoes…no more needs to be said about that!
Bowling shoes and bowling lane...

Trying to find some beauty…

Lately work has been utterly crazy… the weather for the most part has been amazing… yet tonight when we went to take photos–it was dull, low light… kind of like how I felt… we only were out for around an hour–started to rain so we headed to dinner!  But the weather definitely matched my mood.  I keep wondering will I ever take a moment to finally catch up, and breathe and well just enjoy? It seems my life has become a go-go almost to the point of going crazy… With May around the corner (where hast the time gone?!) This crazy pace has to slow down… I’ve decided–that is!!

Until then… I’m going to leave you with a few of my pics… from a night I had a hard time getting inspired…. I did in the end find a bit of inspiration…. (I guess you just have to look for it!)

Green Tree Leafs... Tree Branch with Green stuffBrown Flower... Tree Stump-with blurred background

This was a really neat mirror along our walk.  It was kind of fun to look at since it made all the images in it pretty distorted!
Outside MirrorMirror Self-Portrait
and there was this….I’ve been thinking a lot of Australia…and well lately at the oddest times I have noticed things from or about Oz… tonight was no different….
Australia Map

Memories from that year I spent on my ‘working’ holiday!  Ahhhhh to be sailing in the Whitsunday Islands… on a maxi-racing yacht… yep that’s where I’d rather be right now!!

Shadows, Reflections, Self-Portraits- OH MY!

apparently the people driving by thought we were both nuts (from their looks on their faces)
–but I didn’t notice, but my friend did! (maybe it was because of the photos of MY shadow kicking HIS shadow…!? who knows!?)
Shadow self-portraitShawdow self-portrait
I was soooo frustrated with these reflection shots…I didn’t really get what I wanted to get..I had something in my mind..but apparently it didn’t work out in practice!  Next time… maybe I’ll try again!
Reflection Self-portraitReflection Self-portrait
This shot… I was hanging on a pole…and almost lost grip on the camera(with one hand) and the other hand almost lost grip with the pole…but apparently I wasn’t that much of a klutz tonight!!!

I must admit… with work being so nutso crazy…and the stress and craziness of everything I’ve done in the last 5months…heading out with my camera and a new friend…. for dinner and then a walk and shooting… sometimes lots of convo… (mainly by me talking his head off)…and sometimes just in silence… has made me so happy…I am starting to feel like ME again… and this I so love, as much as I miss and think about my life up north—it’s slowly becoming easier to be here in the south.

It’s all in the Details!

I liked this photo… B&W but also liked it in colour…so shared both!
sepia and colour version of rusted bolt
These cool stars were all over this building.. I’d really like to know what purpose they served…but well they looked pretty darn COOL!
Star metal bolted to side of building
Just another side of the building….with the stone that’s slowly with weather has worn away…
Stone Building (B&W)
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