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Rain, Rain, on my face…

…hasn’t stopped raining for days!

(Some of you might remember that song from Jars of Clay it was quite catchy from my days as when I was a teenager going to youth group…)

Today it is quite fitting it seems like there’s been a GIANT rain cloud over Winnipeg for the last few days… on Saturday there was 100mm that dropped in Winnipeg… some people’s basements are flooded, my roof decided to leak in my building, the flood-way gates were open around the city to try to divert water to around the city.. and apparently this is an odd case… because normally this only happens during the spring ‘run’ off/melt!

Doesn’t really help one be happy spring is here…with all of this rain and grey skies! But to try to feel a bit better I took these photos out on my balcony… Enjoy!

Rain Drops on balcony railingFoggy outlook from my balcony

Rain drops on balcony railing...

The Forks: Take 2…

On this past Wednesday night, I went back to the forks to take photos with my photo buddy… we met and headed over another bridge, I wanted to see where it went, apparently my buddy knew–but well he was up for exploring… I’m not up for ‘explaining’ everything, in grave details… so I’ll let my photos speak for themselves!!

Exploring the Forks-Winnipeg_0001bridge and skyleaf..caterpillerThistleBridge with sun in the background.

Haliburton Lake…

It was so good to go and spend a ‘short’ time last weekend at my Gramma’s cottage on Haliburton Lake!  It was so weird that it was so quiet, (Disclaimer: there are 4 family cottages in a row(one across the lake)–and usually the beach in the summer is the happening spot, with Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Aunts, Uncles  Cousins (1st, 2nd and even 3rd!) all enjoying some fun in the sun!)

Last year my toes didn’t get to see this wonderful sight, and spend any time on the beach!

Feet on beach at Haliburton Lake
Panorama of Haliburton Lake Beach
This is where I spent my summers, before I started working!  It’s always been a ‘home’ away from ‘home’…and I was so surprised at the water levels…usually this is a “August-long weekend” beach.. not a May 2-4 weekend!! (the water levels have been low, and little run off apparently has left us a BIG beach at the cottage!)
Birch Tree at Haliburton Lake
There are only a ‘few’ birch trees left on the ‘point’ but when I was younger there seemed like a forest of them!
Glass Ball for garden
My Grams has the coolest things in her gardens… I luv these balls that reflect the light!

What would a real ‘Ontario’ garden be without some Trilliums.. and my personal FAVOURITE wild flower… a ‘bleeding heart’…they are so pretty… some day I will have a healthy one in a garden at a house where I live(along with the wrap around porch, hanging porch swing and 3rd floor walk up attic room)!

Flowers and Haliburton Lake sign

Even though I only had a few quiet moments on the beach… I can’t wait til July… But it was worth the trip, if only to sit on the beach a few moments, until my mum called me and told me it was time to go home!
Me sitting on the Beach
Yes, that’s right… the count down is on… until I return to my beach, chill with my family…and enjoy the lazy summer days! Only 6 weeks give or take a few days until this is a reality!!!


Kinmount shoe trees
There’s this stretch of road between Norland and Kinmount that I love to drive on… I’m not sure why… but there’s all these SHOES hanging from trees…and just sometimes I have to stop to take some photos…
Shoes hanging off trees beside road
The funny thing is these ‘caution’ signs are no where near any ‘overhead wires’…they are actually like 4 feet from the ground!
Telephone Pole with shoes on it
Apparently this tradition isn’t just for ‘shoes’ there’s a baby doll, flipper, rubber boots, you name it… it’s probably there!!
flipper and doll on side of tree
If any of my readers can answer the question of WHY? this awesome stretch of road started… I’d love to hear the story!!

Messy Hands….

My Gramma or as I call her sometimes My Grams…is the coolest grandma a person could ever ask for!!  She’s always given gifts that are pretty awesome and bang on… whether it be clothes or toys… I love seeing her with my nephews!! Here she’s looking at the toy with the boys that she gave Benjamin!
Gramma with Samuel and Benjamin
Blowing out the candles….
blowing out the candles
How can you not eat cake without getting “messy hands”…. Samuel had them…
Samuel's Messy Hands
Benjamin had them too…..
Benjamin's Messy hands
Even though he was using a fork his hands still got a wee bit dirty!!
baby using fork to eat
There’s something about little hands, using forks but still getting all messy… that makes my heart explode!
baby hands eating cake
…you know it’s been a good piece of cake when you have ‘messy hands!’
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