Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!!!

On this day two years ago I became an AUNT for a second time!! 🙂
Baby sleeping B&W
Benjamin, it was luv at first site!
newborn baby kiss!
August of 2008…during your photo shoot with Aunt Sarah!
Baby smiles
…even at a young age.. you too loved TIGGER!! (or maybe it was just the bouncing!) You see, I am a Tigger at heart!! I guess we have that in common! Taken March 2009 before I moved to Nunavut!
baby in a tigger jolly jumper
…your hat is so cute! Taken on your 1st Birthday! It seems like yesterday I was at your first birthday…(links are posts from my Newbie blog last year!)
Baby eating cake!
December 2009…
baby in B&w
I can’t believe how much you have grown…I can’t wait to see you as you grow even more!
Aunt Sarah and Benjamin
Hope you have a FANTASTIC Birthday!!!
Lots of Luv,
Aunt Sarah
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