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Brought to you by the letter M…

FOR mosquitoes..(or mozzie)..or pain in my FLESH! Can you see how many are on my legs? YIKES! I am also aware that this post has a crazy amount of photos…sometimes it’s just like that…

mosquitoes on my legs!

We ended up tonight at Kildonan Park.. pretty cool spot… next time I’m taking bug spray! We headed to a more ‘open’ area… to see what we could see, the sun was in a perfect spot.. to get some awesome shadow shots!

B&W of park

Why, HELLO shadow!! How are you today!?
shadow self-protrait

Moss, on a Tree.. just hanging out…. (I was still complaining about the Mozzies at this point!)

moss on a treeview of the park

So, I continued on with my ‘portrait’ session with Ryan from last week… I’m so excited… and am starting to seriously think about building my portfolio this summer, in order to start some sort of buisness…  Ryan was happy to be the model for me! I was pretty excited with the end result.  I hope Ryan you are also pleased!  (PS. there are a few that won’t make the blog but still are goodies! 😉
A close-up of Lucille…
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 7
A few nights ago, I had this brainstorm… to get a shot of Ryan through Lucille’s view finder.. and well it worked!!! So like this shot!!! (except for the sun glare… perhaps a bit of photo shopping can get that out?)
cool portrait
I’m not one to ‘promote’ habits…but I do luv this shot!!
cool protrait
Lucille with her other friend ‘Larry’ the light meter (trust me folks I didn’t name them!)
photographer's equipment
Strike a pose…
portrait with camera
Throw in a little silhouette action.. and it’s priceless!

The story behind this one is… Ryan kept moving bc of the mozzies on his legs… but I coudln’t get the shot in focus… But in the end it’s a kind of cool effect!

moving portrait

Sometimes photographers have to go to ALL lengths to get the shot… that means sometimes climbing a tree!
man climbing a tree

Ryan patiently waiting for me to pass up “Lucille”…

Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 15Getting that shot…

Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 16

I couldn’t decide between the following two images.. so decided to include both of them!
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 17
Got to luv the silhouette!!!
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 18
I luv Ryan’s face… it’s like.. are you SURE you can take Lucille without BREAKING her… LOL
Exploring Kildonan Park-Winnipeg 19
So that’s it for my portraits… (there are a few more Ryan…and I’ll get that CD for you soon!)… I’ll leave you with two more images from the night… I’m so in love with these flowers…
And who doesn’t love a rose!!
pink rose
One more sleep, one more day at work and then I’m on vacation…I have some exciting plans tomorrow night… I can’t wait to post the photos from that adventure!!!

Summer Hit List…

With only two more sleeps til I have holidays… I’ve been trying to come up with a hit list of things to do during my time off! I’m excited for summer… last summer I spent up in the Arctic.. (and as fun as that was… it was a different experience!)

  • maybe get a glimpse of the Queen…
  • Road Ontario…back to where I grew up!
  • Chill on the beach I’ve been going to since I was a baby…
  • Dance like no one’s watching…
  • eat lots of Kawartha Dairy ice cream–(and line up in Minden for a large scoop of goodness!)
  • Cuddle some babies…
  • Road Trip…to London, Ontario…and visit some awesome peeps!
  • Laugh til my tummy hurts..
  • Go water skiing…
  • visit with Great Aunts and Uncles, cousins–1st, 2nd, 3rd and even those 1st, once removed (yep my family is huge!!)…
  • Sleep on the beach…
  • Road Trip to Buffalo.. with stops in the Niagara Region to visit some more peeps!
  • Swim across the lake…
  • Do some cliff jumping…
  • Take HEAPS of photos…and get lost in my photography…
  • Finish knitting a baby sweater for a new baby…(that’s arriving soonish!)
  • Sleep… have a lot of naps!
  • Drink a few “mother’s ice tea lemonaid’s” (seriously–I’m in love with those guys)…
  • Hang out with my nephews..
  • round up the things I have left with various people in Ontario.. and go through it and bring whatever I need back to the ‘peg…but get rid of the other things!
  • Curl up with a good book…on a rainy day–and well read!
  • a few pedicures… and a hair cut by my hairdresser in Toronto!
  • Toss in a few family reunions, family bridal showers…and a side of who knows what else!
  • Get a tattoo
  • Find a hammock and have a nap–while looking over the lake at the cottage… (I know where the hammock is–but let’s hope my Great Aunt and Uncle still have them up!)
  • Road Trip back to the ‘peg with my COUSIN!..(with a possible stop on Manitoulian Island to visit friends I made in Nunavut, and a sleepover in a teepee!?!)
  • plus much more… I mean I’m not one to actually plan things.. more of a go with the flow kind of gal!

Any other suggestions?! (I’m sure I’ve left things out…) and perhaps I’ll keep a pictorial account of my ‘list’ and keep you. dear readers,  in the loop!

Two more sleeps… I can’t wait..I’m in need of some holiday times!! (hopefully I won’t think about my salary getting cut in 1/2 (as of July 1st) as I’m working only a .5 until Christmas! shhhhh perhaps if I don’t think about it might go away!?)

edit note: last night I thought of a few more things… so have randomly added them to the list… I’m sure this is the list that will keep on growing!?


Yup, tonight… my stat- tracker told me that 2,000 people have viewed my blog since January when I started writing at my new site… Sarah on the Road Again! For me it’s not about the numbers, it’s all about me just writing and posting things as a creative outlet.  I do have a stat-counter…and it always amazes me that people from around the world have found my blog and read it!  So thank you readers!

The number 2,000 came from Saint John, New Brunswick….at 21:41 (not sure of the time zone–I think I set it up originally to be Eastern Standard tho)… Thanks for being the 2,000 visitor!

Lately I’ve been loving reading all the awesome comments on my posts!  Thank you for leaving them for me dear readers… I love hearing from people that are reading.

Leave me a comment to let me know where you are reading from!! 

When you go down to the Legislature tonight…

…you are in for a big SURPRISE! (apparently,  you have to beware of those ‘small’ pedestrians- they are crazy harmful, and don’t get me started on the bears…!)

Funny SIgn

I snuck up on these bears and took a few photos… and I don’t think they saw me… (but I didn’t run into any of those ‘small’ pedestrians…)
Bear StatuesThere were some pretty yellow flowers…..
Yellow FLower
Fairies must have dropped this feather on the lawn…
pink feather on grass
fountains and city scape
Introducing, “Lucille”…My friend Ryan got a Hasselblad…its a medium format, film camera… its a pretty awesome camera… I think I have camera envy…
Hassleblad camera
I’m doing some portraits for Ryan..with his new camera… here’s one from last Thursday night!
Ryan with his new camera
…and those are my pics from my Photo-Walk this week!

Sometimes life just is a pile of poo!

Dear Birds,

I’m not sure what Milo did to piss you off.  But your actions are uncalled for, as Milo has NEVER done ANYTHING to you.

Bird Poo on car

Seriously!? If once wasn’t enough.. you had to do your buisness TWICE?! and what did you eat!? The view from the top… isn’t much prettier…
bird poo on car

I guess you didn’t care that Milo had JUST been washed at the dealership on Tuesday, 4 short days ago… I guess you decided to shit on the cleanest, and most shiny car in the lot…

Next time, dear birds, remember that Milo didn’t do anything to diserve this treatment and go poo on someone else’s car!


A very upset car owner on behalf of Milo, her car!

PS. Now I wish you could clean up your own mess, as I have to go clean that crap up!

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