A Walk through a Park in T-town….

Tonight for my weekly photo night, I drove over to Transcona and met Ryan..and then we went for a walk through a couple of parks.. last week with all the rain, T-town got hit HARD!! (lots of flooding damage, and the park still had spots with a good few inches of standing water in it…)

Despite being in a funky mood…ask Ryan, he’d totally agree with that!  I think it has something to do with being exhausted, (sleep-or the lack of it for the last week), being busy at work-and tryin to keep it all together there, and well just being EXHAUSTED..Having a LIMITED battery for my camera, couldn’t find the 2nd one.. and the other was well ‘flashin’ the whole time I was out shooting–but still managed to get 75images!
Anyways… the night was not all crazy, it was acutally quite good… I got to swing on a swing, like a kid..going HIGH into the SKY…and well making myself feel sick, (apparently my motion sickness applies to swing- swinging!) other than feeling motion sick swinging well that ROCKED! and I took this amazing photo of my feet… I dig it!! (this was all done because I asked Ryan what he was doing—I took this photo.. then said… “it’s not working” we adjusted some settings on my cam.. and I took a few more.. BUT this one is my fav of the group! That’s the part of walking around with another photographer I like… you learn cool stuff… from them! Ryan also has a blog, “Exploring his World!” and has some AWESOME, AMAZING images.
feet and blurry colourful background
Here’s a shot of the water… crazy bubbles where in this ‘pond’…I’m not looking forward to the Mozzies that we are being promised from this ‘standing’ water…. YUCKY!
Here’s a blocked strom drain…even though the drains are being ‘overwhelmed’ with the amount of water…
sandle shot!
Random bit of playground equipment that is broken…
rusty screw

Tree bark… loved the colours and texture!
moss on tree

Random tree branch… picked it up.. and shot it against the sky… lots of clouds today, and there’s been scattered showers over the city all day… apparently a chance of a thunderstorm!
tree branch with cloudy backgrounds

So there’s my shots from my Tuesday night of shooting!!

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