To Do List: Laundry and Cardio (check)

It’s been awhile since I have done a post about laundry...  so apparently it’s time to do another!!

At times I let my laundry pile up a bit… So every once and awhile I get four loads to do in one week! (before you go how can a single gal get FOUR loads? let me explain… I had 2 sets of sheets to do (with 2 duvet covers); all my towels; along with my regular clothing laundry!…)  Normally this isn’t that big of deal.  I started EARLY around 7pm…(where usually I start about 10pm)…and I could use the machine on my floor (can’t use those after 9pm).  For the other THREE loads I went down to the ground floor, where I can do three loads and it’s open 24 hours a day!  Everything was set, I got them all in… set my iPhone timer and headed back to watch a bit of TV.

The timer went off…

Trouble #1…I went first to my floor(the 12th) and realized that I couldn’t put that load in the dryer, as someone else’s laundry was still in there… (but the machine wasn’t going).  My one laundry rule is NOT to touch someone else’s laundry (even though it is clean) because frankly I wouldn’t want someone to touch MY laundry.  So I left that load still wet in the washer..and headed down to the main floor.

Trouble #2…I went to the ground floor and all my three loads were done.  But there was only ONE dryer available the other ones had stuff in them, going for another 43mins or something.  So I put one load in that dryer.  And put the other two loads of wet laundry in my basket… My plan was to take the elevator to the 10th floor, drop off one load in that laundry room, and then walk to the 11th floor and drop off the 2nd one.. then walk up one more floor to my floor and chill until the 60mins is up to go collect it.

Trouble #3…I go to the 10th floor laundry.. and I’ve got a problem… laundry is in the machine there… No problem, I’ll just go down the stairs to the 9th floor and put my load in that dryer… (I’m still holding a laundry basket with TWO loads of HEAVY wet laundry) but off I go to the 9th floor and I drop off my towels they where the heavier of the two loads in the basket!  I walk up to the 11th floor, relieved to find that I could throw my laundry into that dryer…and walk back up to the 12th floor.

Trouble #4… Back on the 12th floor no one had picked up that load of laundry yet, so I put it in the basket and think… I could take it down to the 8th floor, because I had laundry on the 11th and 9th floors a stranger had it on the 10th floor… so I think to myself… yep that’s a good idea… then I’ll have it all done pretty much at the same time!  So down I walk those 4 flights of stairs… and TROUBLE it’s being used.  I go to 8th floor.. and well it was being used… so I go down ONE more flight… to the 7th.. JACKPOT! I put it in.. and then walk up the 5 flights of stairs back to my apartment… when I got there I had to remember what floors I ended up on!

Collecting the laundry went a bit crazy too……

1st Floor: Got it first, folded it and took the elevator up to my apartment to drop it off.  (sorry didn’t get a photo of the door!)

11th Floor: Walked down rescued that load, folded it, and brought it back up… to my apartment!

laundry basket

7th Floor: Walked down to the 7th floor, folded that load of sheets, and headed up to the 9th floor…
more laundry in a basket
9th floor: Folded my laundry on top of the other load, and then headed back up to my 12th floor apartment…
laundry in a basket
Conclusion: I think I walked 17 flights of stairs… during this laundry adventure!  I found out that the laundry rooms on the 7th, 8th and 9th floors smell like urine (don’t think I’ll be doing laundry there again)… but I did manage to get it all done in a timely fashion, with a little exercise done as well!
Did I just write a WHOLE longish post about doing my laundry, yet again?
Yep, apparently I did it…
do you have any Crazy Stories about doing your laundry!?
Leave me a Comment!
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