When you go down to the Legislature tonight…

…you are in for a big SURPRISE! (apparently,  you have to beware of those ‘small’ pedestrians- they are crazy harmful, and don’t get me started on the bears…!)

Funny SIgn

I snuck up on these bears and took a few photos… and I don’t think they saw me… (but I didn’t run into any of those ‘small’ pedestrians…)
Bear StatuesThere were some pretty yellow flowers…..
Yellow FLower
Fairies must have dropped this feather on the lawn…
pink feather on grass
fountains and city scape
Introducing, “Lucille”…My friend Ryan got a Hasselblad…its a medium format, film camera… its a pretty awesome camera… I think I have camera envy…
Hassleblad camera
I’m doing some portraits for Ryan..with his new camera… here’s one from last Thursday night!
Ryan with his new camera
…and those are my pics from my Photo-Walk this week!
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