A Night at the Races…


Tonight after work I went out to the Assiniboia Downs Race Track.  My friend B’s boyfriend’s family has horses.  So that meant I got to go into the barns, and visit some of the horses, before the race.  I felt like a 10 year old girl–all giddy with excitement at seeing horses.  Ok, so maybe that’s taking it a bit far.. but I kept saying “this is so exciting!” (and people well they looked at me like I was nuts!?)… I didn’t grow up around horses… I went to a summer camp and got to ride horses two summers, and have ridden a handful of times other places!  Ok.. so was was I saying? Yes, I was in heaven.. It was the PERFECT way to KICK off my HOLIDAYS! (yep that’s right… I finished my last day today!)
Ahhhhh, they are sooo beautiful!!!
After letting them smell me, finally I was able to pet some of them…
This girl was really liked her photo taken!
(the others hid…even after I figured out how to turn off my ‘beeps!’ my camera gives out!)
What can you say? Horses are pretty niffty animals!!
My kind of place… (with a sign like this!)
–well actually I’m planning to start my running/walk program again this summer…
…a handful of feed..
Apparently even wheelbarrows need license plates!
After a quick bit to eat, my friend and I went down to the ‘grand stand’… to see what happens! I saw a total of 8 races… and the following are photos from those races! 
…on the final stretch..(guy I know I need to work on my ‘horse’ lingo..!)
…a photo finish!
In the winner’s circle!!!
So, I did place a bet…(I was at a race track after all!) I placed my bet in the 7th Race, I placed a $2 bet ‘across the board’ (which meant if the horse got in 1st, 2nd or 3rd I’d win) on my friend’s horse.  In addition to this, I placed a $2 on the horse favoured to win! (so for those of you counting…that’s an $8 bet..yep I’m a heavy hitter…and bet big!) GUESS what!? My horses won… The horse that was favoured to win–WON! and my friend’s horse came in 2nd…so I won get this.. $9.20 Yep.. a total winnings of $1.20…don’t worry I won’t spend it all in the same place!!!
Here I am with my ‘winning’ tickets… with the ‘pink’ horse, in the background!!
While the horses were being shown before the race.. I LOVED the night sky with the clouds…
..it was crazy windy, some of the horses got a bit crazy…even though it’s a tad blurry.. I like it!
For the last race, my friend and I went up into the ‘grand’stand on the outdoor section… it was pretty neat to get a cool view of the track… and I got some last ‘fun’ photos…. While I was waiting for the race to start… I did a self-portrait.. because there’s always time for that!
…the track…
..the horses heading to the start-gate…
..in the final stretch
..this race was definitely a photo finish!! A great last one to see!!
Coolin’ down… coming back after the race… (and I think one of my fav shots of the night!)
Assinaboine Downs… thank you for not disapointing…
Thanks  B.  for inviting me to spend a night at the race track!! I truly had a blast, It was great hanging out with you, taking photos…and seeing a part of your life!! Thanks again to you, and your boyfriend’s family… for making this happen!!!
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