the Prairies are FLAT!

(well at least some of the prairies that I’ve been driving on lately!) I know that this is NOT brain science..but to this girl, who grew up in the Canadian Sheild… of hills, rock cuts, trees… rivers, lakes.. well the prairies are pretty darn flat.. and until I leave the city… I dont really think of where I’m living…(and how much I miss those hills, rocks, and trees)..until I’m driving and it HITS me…

That I get to live in this beautiful, flat land…. and I get to drive to Portage la Prairie.. two days a week til December!!

Its a good thing I dig driving on…. straight, flat roads… hmmm seriously…what’s not to like in that situation?

Milo likes the prairies too… but doesn’t really dig ‘big’ trucks that much!

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2 thoughts on “the Prairies are FLAT!

  1. Clare

    >PARTS of the prairies are flat, parts aren't. The area around Winnipeg was once the bottom of an extremely large shallow lake. Drive out of that lake bottom (on #16 its at Arden) and you'll see rolling hills, and higher elevations.Check out the grasslands of SW Saskatchewan, you'll see that they are anything but flat, and the Cypress Hills are the highest point of land between the Rockies and the Laurentians.

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