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Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!!
 May all your wishes come true…
when you blow out your candles on your cake today…but also EVERYDAY!
 All my life I wanted a sister.. and you have made my wish come true!
(thanks for marrying my big bro!)
Make sure you ‘rock a party hat today!!
Can’t wait to see you at Christmas…
luv, Sarah

Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games!)

Normally I don’t post or talk about music…most of my friends know that I often ask them to give me mixed CDs or ‘give’ me new groups to listen to… because I  don’t go out in ‘search’ of music…. but lately I’ve been attempting to change this… and THIS song has been STUCK in my head…

I came across it on one of the blogs I read frequently…and well wanted to leave it here for you listening pleasure!  I like it because Antarctica is somewhere I do want to go…. and well it has a catchy beat…

Often I play it in my office at work REALLY really REALLY loud once everyone else leaves…. (maybe I’m pretending…) Let me know what you think? (and I’m sure that for some of you readers out there this is not some “NEW” song or group… but well to me it is, and this is MY blog!)

I will at update about the rest of my Thanksgiving weekend…once I download my photos…it was a fab dinner!

Happy TURKEY Day!!!!

My Mission: To find some turkey this weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba…

Well it’s Thanksgiving Weekend… seeing as I live here alone in Manitoba and did not travel back to Ontario, more specifically Haliburton where my family gathered for their turkey… I decided I should go out to find me some TURKEY all on my own!!!

While driving the other day in Birds Hill Park… I happened to spot THIS… I did take the time to ask the age old question… “why did the turkey cross the road?” to this turkey…but apparently he didn’t have time to answer! And I still don’t have an answer other than, “to get to the other side of the road..”

My 1st attempt at getting a turkey was to try to integrate and ‘hide’ myself amongst the turkey’s…hoping that they would see me as one of their own… so then I could catch one more easily.. But I don’t think I was very successful at my camouflage! As much of a turkey I might actually be…. the real deal didn’t see it that way!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

2nd attempt: Make noises, and hold some ‘grasses’ in my hand…. to see if I can draw them closer!? Again… not so successful…

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

3rd Attempt: While Ryan was taking other shots of me in the woods… all of a sudden the turkeys came RUSHING into the woods… (not sure why… because nothing was happening ie) no loud noises, etc)… but I slowly snuck up on these little guys… and was so close… but then I realized… “what am I going to do once I catch it? I’m so not a neck-snapping, plucking feathers kind of gal…” Secretly I’m glad that I didn’t actually catch one.. because that seems like a messy business!!!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

I wish all my Canadian friends and family… a happy thanksgiving weekend.. and may you enjoy your turkey, dead or alive!! 😉

Luckily when the next day at work, Conni one of my co-workers came and asked me to come to her house for Thanksgiving with her family!
So I suppose I did find my turkey, here in Winnipeg and I didn’t even have to kill it myself!!! I’ll keep you posted on more stories from my first Thanksgiving here in Manitoba!
…to be continued…

Animal Lovin’…

>Three Weeks ago… I headed up to Birds Hill Park, with Ryan… I’ve been so darn busy with work.. that I just haven’t taken the time to edit some of the photos from that trip… (partly because there was a series of photos that I wanted to use for this weekend… and will be using them TOMORROW–so LOOK out for that!)…

I had never been to Birds Hill Park, the weather was a bit overcast…but we still headed out of Winnipeg, north of the perimeter… and decided to see what we could find.  It was our first time out taking photos since the beginning of the summer… It was a pretty darn FUN night, and everywhere we went we ran into random animals!!

The leaves were changing colours…seeing the leaves here in Manitoba weren’t quite the same as seeing them back home in Haliburton…but still pretty darn cool and better than seeing no leaves!

Moss on a gravestone….

Birch Trees always make me think of my grandparents cottage at “the Pointe” on Haliburton Lake. I asked Ryan to take some photos of me… (and he happily agreed…he’s such an amazing photographer…)

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

Sometimes a gal needs to just take some time.. and look UP!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

Happy, happy… FALL!!!! (I luv the colours… and the crunchiness of leaves…. although I have never enjoyed raking them..but I do enjoy JUMPING in a big old PILE of leaves!!!)

~ photo by Ryan Bealer ~

We were driving along… and we saw a car stopped.. and guess what there were DEER!!! (just like HOME in Haliburton… so I managed to GET out of the car.. and take a few shots… before they bolted… yes, I know that I probably did scare them away… but well I couldn’t NOT take a photo!!)

Deer are so cool….

Ryan LOVES dogs… and it seems like wherever he goes.. he finds a new friend!!!  That day was no different.  Since he didn’t know the dog’s name… he called him “White Socks” I think!?

There was a game of ‘fetch’ that happened… but apparently “white socks” wanted to just EAT the stick…

..and then a friendly game of tug of war!

Ryan trying to convince him to give up the stick!!

I made a new friend too… His name was “Billy”, the goat of course!….

 Billy was really friendly… or maybe he just really, really, really wanted OUT of his cage?

But only could manage to get his head out the fence…


…and then got all ‘camera-shy’!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

It was an awesome night… and I was so glad I was able to take photos again with you Ryan!! And thanks again for taking some of me…. (or maybe just responding to me pushing my camera in your hands.. and me vaguely saying.. “I’m going to do this, or that.. and you need to take it a shot of it…. ok?” Thanks for being an amazing friend and capturing images of me!

Venturing north of the Perimeter (part 2!)

Sunday afternoon, I ventured north of the perimeter yet again… (I know you are saying to yourself.. that’s TWICE in one weekend!)..I headed up to Stonewall to Boostra Farms to check out their corn maze! I’ve never ever been in a corn maze… and well wanted to check it out.. to see what it was like! In two weeks they start their ‘Haunted Maze’ where they have spooky people dressing up to scare you… (also you can go at night… I think I want to try this..but will have to take a flashlight.. because I’m afraid of ‘moving in the darkness’–that’s a long story for another time!)…

Here is a picture that was taken from the sky to show what the 2010 Corn Maze looks like. (I’m still not sure how a corn maze is actually made…how does one ‘cut’ it to make it look like something awesome from the air, and just not random lines in a field? It’s a mystery to me… perhaps the people that make ‘crop circles’ also make corn mazes on the side?) And every maze needs some rules….

Sometimes a girl has to walk the corn maze… like she’d walk a runway in a high-fashion shoot.. don’t ask.. it’s just the rules of the corn maze!!!

…and YES there was CORN in the MAZE… (on the STALKS!) another ‘first’ for this city gal!

At one point all these little black birds… went CRAZY and started flying over our heads… diving, and trying to stay in flight in the crazy wind that was happening…. and well it was a pretty cool shot!

At the corner of the maze is a GIANT hay-bale pyramid… of course I climbed to the top!! and then was invaded by SMALL children from ALL sides… (kind of funny-apparently I’m just a big kid!!)

Here’s a shot of me at the top… while kids, climbed and jumped off all sides!! These bales were ‘monster’ bales!  (and there was one more layer of bales on the bottom!)

Yep, a bit of kid in me…. as I JUMP!!!

We went back into the corn maze to see if we could find all 16 of these letters on stakes to solve a puzzle… (I must admit after wandering around for another 45mins to an hour… we gave up.. after finding like 6 of them!)

…I might have broken the rule about going off the path to get this photo.

and a quick snap of Brianne.. who shared this adventure with me!!!

And then we headed over to the ‘little kid’ hay maze.. (made out of the ginormous hay bales again)…the really cool thing was.. not only could you go around on the INSIDE.. you could also run/jump over the tops of the bales… oh ya… that was a fun thing!!
…1, 2, 3…. JUMP!!!

There was a small petting zoo…. and you could feed the animals….like this little cute goat. Something tells me these animals get lots of lov’n…

This was the smallest pony/horse I’ve seen in my life… it was like the size of a large dog!  It had such BIG eyes and was pretty darn cute.  It was just walking around outside of the petting area fence, eating grass…!

It was another great afternoon… driving back to my house… I started to think, for a minute… perhaps Winnipeg is slowly starting to become my city… a city where I feel like a belong!

It’s really, really hard living so far away from family and long time friends…(I won’t lie, and I also know it’s my choice… I’m the adventurer…I’m the one that LIKES to explore new places… it’s true, but sometimes I just wish that I lived a ‘bit’ closer to Ontario)…

The past two weekends there have been two weddings I would have loved to be at…. My cousin Leanne’s and my friend Krista (who we have known each other since kindergarten–that’s like 25yrs people.. that’s some history!)…And thanksgiving is coming this next weekend….I could just sit and complain about how life in Ontario keeps on roll’n while I’m living my life in Manitoba…(but I don’t want to do that…)

For the most part, I’m loving my life here in Winnipeg.. and I don’t think I want to change a single bit of it, as hard as some moments might be… there are some truly amazing beautiful moments too.. with new friendships that are being made, families that are opening up their homes to me and well almost ‘adopt’ me… It takes time to get ‘settled’ in a new city… someone told me once it takes 2-3years… well I’m 9months in so have a bit farther to go!

So life is good, and some days are hard.. but others like today aren’t… you have to take the sad days with the happy ones… and hope that the happy moments and memories you make will get you through the next sad patch… hmmm and that’s my 2cents for today!

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