Animal Lovin’…

>Three Weeks ago… I headed up to Birds Hill Park, with Ryan… I’ve been so darn busy with work.. that I just haven’t taken the time to edit some of the photos from that trip… (partly because there was a series of photos that I wanted to use for this weekend… and will be using them TOMORROW–so LOOK out for that!)…

I had never been to Birds Hill Park, the weather was a bit overcast…but we still headed out of Winnipeg, north of the perimeter… and decided to see what we could find.  It was our first time out taking photos since the beginning of the summer… It was a pretty darn FUN night, and everywhere we went we ran into random animals!!

The leaves were changing colours…seeing the leaves here in Manitoba weren’t quite the same as seeing them back home in Haliburton…but still pretty darn cool and better than seeing no leaves!

Moss on a gravestone….

Birch Trees always make me think of my grandparents cottage at “the Pointe” on Haliburton Lake. I asked Ryan to take some photos of me… (and he happily agreed…he’s such an amazing photographer…)

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

Sometimes a gal needs to just take some time.. and look UP!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

Happy, happy… FALL!!!! (I luv the colours… and the crunchiness of leaves…. although I have never enjoyed raking them..but I do enjoy JUMPING in a big old PILE of leaves!!!)

~ photo by Ryan Bealer ~

We were driving along… and we saw a car stopped.. and guess what there were DEER!!! (just like HOME in Haliburton… so I managed to GET out of the car.. and take a few shots… before they bolted… yes, I know that I probably did scare them away… but well I couldn’t NOT take a photo!!)

Deer are so cool….

Ryan LOVES dogs… and it seems like wherever he goes.. he finds a new friend!!!  That day was no different.  Since he didn’t know the dog’s name… he called him “White Socks” I think!?

There was a game of ‘fetch’ that happened… but apparently “white socks” wanted to just EAT the stick…

..and then a friendly game of tug of war!

Ryan trying to convince him to give up the stick!!

I made a new friend too… His name was “Billy”, the goat of course!….

 Billy was really friendly… or maybe he just really, really, really wanted OUT of his cage?

But only could manage to get his head out the fence…


…and then got all ‘camera-shy’!

~ photo taken by Ryan Bealer ~

It was an awesome night… and I was so glad I was able to take photos again with you Ryan!! And thanks again for taking some of me…. (or maybe just responding to me pushing my camera in your hands.. and me vaguely saying.. “I’m going to do this, or that.. and you need to take it a shot of it…. ok?” Thanks for being an amazing friend and capturing images of me!

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