Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

I have always been a HUGE fan of the snow!!  Winter has always been one of my favourite seasons… there are so many great things to do! Skiing (downhill or XCountry)…Tobogganing…. building snow forts, having snow ball fights… the possibilities are endless!

Driving in the snow has always been something I’ve had to deal with… where I grew up, there was always lots of snow and I got use to it.  I’ve had one accident in my whole driving career, it was shortly after I turned 17…(I had been driving about a year)… my mum asked me to take my little bro to go swimming (indoors)… I protested because it had been snowing a lot, and it hadn’t been cleared but she just looked at me and well I ended up on the roads… going to the pool was fine…but coming home I had an accident, caught ice, fish tailed, over corrected.. and well ended up banging into the guard rails, and causing a HEAP of damage to my mum’s car….

Ok so fast forward to yesterday… the day after the FIRST real SNOW here on the prairies!! I was driving to Portage la Prairie… taking it pretty slow… and out of now where, Milo did not one, not two but about THREE complete 360s on the Trans Canada….I ended up directly on the right hand side of the facing the right way, completely on the side of the road… (almost like I decided to pull over!)… I was shaking in my boots, put my 4ways on.. and the transport that was behind me went flying past…

my view…until I was able to ‘drive’ again without shaking!!!
not sure if you can see the truck in the ditch… I’m lucky that Milo didn’t end up there!

I must admit I pulled into the road that connects the two sides of the highway and sat for like 30mins… I’m not sure how I didn’t end up in either ditch… at a couple points I thought I was a goner…  but Milo and I turned around and headed back to the ‘peg….

and guess what? when I reached my parking lot… I got stuck… it seriously was one of those days…. Let’s hope the rest of the winter isn’t so eventful… I really don’t want to do crazy twists/turns with Milo again!

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