>St. Vital Park…

>I was looking through my photos today, and realized I never blogged this set from St. Vital Park.  It was one of my ‘photo’ nights with Ryan.  You can check out his images from that night HERE on his blog!  We went there October 7th…

This was taken inside a shed by the river…

 You can see the shed in the background of this photo….

 We walked along the river and were able to watch the sun set!

 Despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes (yes! STILL in OCTOBER!?) It was a nice way to finish off the night!

 Playing around with the light behind Ryan… I don’t think he was expecting this shot!

 During our photo shoots.. this is a familar sight… Ryan often stops to txt or email!!

It was refreshing to see these ‘fall’ shots.. as I think winter in the ‘peg has arrived to stay! 
Thank goodness I LOVE the snow!! đŸ™‚ 
Or it could be that I have a bunch of fantastic WINTER hats now that I can wear!?
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