>Thanksgiving Reflections… (4 weeks late!)


First thanks for all your awesome comments on my last post!  I should have edited that post to read, “I’m not sure if anyone is left checking my blog except my mum after this long of a break!”  But that was not so…

I guess my last official post was HERE, but I never told you about my First Thanksgiving here in Manitoba! Have no fear I will rectify that in this post!(it’s never too late to be Thankful right?!)  In that last post I explained how it was my ‘mission to find turkey in Manitoba)… I was lucky that I didn’t have to return to Birds Hill Park and attempt to ‘hunt’ and ‘kill’ my turkey in order to have a good meal! Instead a coworker invited me into her home to share Thanksgiving with her family, and this I was so grateful for!
Sunday October 10th was a gorgeous day… I headed up to Candeboye…the weather was sunny, and crisp!  Perfect weather for a Thanksgiving weekend!!! After arriving Conni, Dilly and I went for a walk in her ‘backyard’… seriously she lives in a little piece of heaven!! (It was so cool to be able to see  the creek…not just hear it!)
Conni and Dilly… just strolling along!

 Here I am….on the Road Again with Dilly…
Photo by Conni
I appreciate other people’s dogs, but they aren’t really my thing.  But I did experience some joy watching Dilly…take off down the path, running free in the gorgeous fall day!
…then out of no where Dilly would jump off the path… and dive into the tall grasses… now there weren’t any  ‘treats’..but apparently Dilly is quite the good ‘hunter’!

 On our walk… I’d stop frequently to take photos… and sometimes Conni took a few of me in action! (I love this photo… thanks Conni!!)
Photo by Conni
 Here’s the photo I was taking… when Conni caught me in action…
Ruts in the road are cool!! 
 Some graffiti by random people that like to party on the road Conni lives on…(there are only 2 houses on the road, surrounded by farm fields…)
 The Percussion Project!!  (not sure of the ‘actual’ name of the instrument!?)
This was built this summer by Conni’s husband, Brent and son Joe…(plus friends)…
I didn’t get a chance to make music with it…but it looks like a lot of fun…
 Outside the screen porch (on the 2nd level of the house)…there was a hanging dead mouse on a branch… it was quite interesting and provided lots of discussion about where it came from…and how did it get on the tree branch? The consensus was that it was a bird called a “Shrike” maybe that stores food on branches and comes back for it later!? But no one was 100% sure…it was just a mystery! 
(and it’s still there now..a bit more decayed though!)
 Brent carved up the turkey, sling and all… (I was impressed)!
Mmmmm a pretty table… and YUMMY food!!!
 Gorgeous centre piece…
 Everyone at the table… Thanks so much for including me in your family meal!!
(this was the last of at least 2 different cameras for photos–so if people don’t look impressed…that’s the reason why–they just wanted to EAT the food!!) hehehe
 Just a ‘little’ piece of pumpkin pie… with REAL whip cream!!
 After dinner the games came out!! There was crokinole board came out… The last time I played was a kid at my grandparents…I didn’t play by the ‘real’ rules… So I learned those…and well lets just say.. playing by a child’s rules was a lot more fun…. because doing it the ‘adult’ way… well I wasn’t so good! 
(Perhaps I’ll have to get my own board to practice up for the next game… Conni’s dad (my partner) for one game would probably appreciate that!)

At the other end of the table a fierce game of scrabble was taking place… After loosing, er deciding that I had enough crokinole… I moved down to the other end of the table to see what was going on… (I helped Conni out… I did honestly–I found ONE word for her to put on the board!!)
I’ve been thinking having board games at my house might be a fun thing to have…because it was fun to play after dinner!

 Overall it was such a fun filled day!!!  Thanks so much for inviting me, opening your home!!!  I have two last photos of Indie… it’s too bad I’m allergic.. you are such a pretty cat!!!

Overall, I have a lot to be thankful for…I have a job, a house, family and friends.. 2010 has been a good year so far…and there is still time left for more good things to happen!  
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  1. Cameron

    >I grew up not far away from there on highway 7 at gunton teulon region. it is amazing to see the beauty we have here and the generous people we are known to be! it looked like an amazing day! I am happy things are going well here for you!

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