>In the Car-Wash…

>Today I got a Birthday/Christmas present from my friend Ryan… he taught me how to use a car-wash… now before you all start think I’m a crazy girl or something… I’m not!  Remember back HERE when I told you about my fear of car washes? Then I had found THIS place… but I really wanted to conquer the fear, and learn to do it myself… and this is that story!  

After lunch, with our left overs… Ryan is all smiles for this adventure!

 Here I am…excited, but crazy nervous…with that irrational but REAL to me fear that MILO will loose his windshield in a car wash!

All that driving to Portage la Prairie, has made Milo really, REALLY dirty!!!

Exhibit A:

 Exhibit B:

At this point I was shaking.. and not really sure I could do it… but with Ryan laughing at me.. I managed to line up Milo’s wheels, and then figure out how to reach over and punch in my code–that was hard bc Milo is so ‘low’ to the ground… and it was so HIGH!

 As the car was sprayed with water… I took some photos… and snapped this.. I think it distracted me enough… so I actually started to sort of ‘enjoy’ the car-wash!

 mmmm the smell and fun colours of the soap, wax and what-not!

 …all washed away…

 TADA!!! look at Milo.. he’s soooooo SHINY!!!

Thanks, Ryan… I think I can possibly do this on my own now!! 

..and wouldn’t you know it.. just after this…it started to snow, and the roads got all icky, slushy… so Milo isn’t so shinny, but at least I have the confidence to take him through on my own!!

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