>Sometimes, when the stars align…

>…friends that live in different cities manage to be in the same city… and AWESOME nights happen!

Yesterday I flew into the Tdot… and had a fabulous lunch and afternoon with my bro and sis-in-law!  Then I had a fabulous night out… with two fabulous friends!
I had found out that my friend, Lauren (from Buffalo) was in town visiting her younger brother…

and my friend, Emily (from Peterborough) found out that both of us were in town so drove to the Tdot…so that we could all get together!!!  

With all THREE of us in the SAME city again… we got together for dinner and some drinks!  First we all met at the Greyhound Station downtown… and then headed over to Lauren’s bro’s new condo/loft in Liberty Village!

After catching each other up on our lives from what had happened since the summer… (remember those fun times? you could read about them HERE..). 

We headed for dinner… then back to Jeff’s place… where we had a little photo shoot!  Jeff’s friend, Chris, kindly took these candid photos!!!

At this point… things started to go a bit wrong….

..and then we sort of ended up falling over… those new hard wood floors (Jeff just moved in 2 weeks earlier)..were pretty slippery!!! That must have been the reason!!!!

but we recovered really fast…
Make a model face? hmmmm I’m not quite sure my ‘angry’ smile really will work it for me! lol
I took some shots for Jeff and Lauren… they thought their parents might want the next two for their Christmas Card next year… I think the first one is definitely in the running!!

 With this one coming in a close second!!!

 …hmmmmm or possibly this one?

We then went to C’est What… and had a few beers… I was in the minority for liking the lighter stuff… everyone else really liked the heavier darker beers… I could try to sound all educated about beers and tell you what they were etc.. but well I’m not… I did take a sip of that dark, heavy stuff that they called beer, but man it is so not for me… I stuck with my raspberry pils and an apricot-something…they were yummy!!

Emily and Lauren… so good to see you again!!! (I’m glad we managed to get together TWICE in one year!!)

Can’t wait until the next times in 2011!!!
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