…time to move on!

When I was in the English Gardens I was saddened to see that my ‘mum’s home that I purchased for her ‘visits’ had burnt down….Mother’s Day 2010…I gave my mum a few gifts.. you can look at those in this fun post HERE…(I’ll wait.. so you have a have a quick look….
O.K. are you back?

I was saddened to see when I walked by THIS was the site of mum’s ‘house’….

Then I walked around the corner… back to the comfy-log-home that I claimed for my own…. (in the midst of all the ‘bears’..) and guess what? It was GONE…

Maybe it’s the English Gardens in Assiniboine Park that’s telling me something… my days are just plain numbered here in Winnipeg… soon again I’ll be ‘homeless’ until I reach Nunavut!

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