It’s a Wrap…

In the last two days, I’ve been pretty busy—wrapping up life here in Winnipeg.  It’s been a bit of a crazy time, but also one of thinking back… and reflecting… I guess it is true that you don’t realize what you have, until you have to leave.  I’m really going to miss Winnipeg, and the friends I have left behind…(yes, I do have friends here!)… it’s funny how all of a sudden a strange city becomes your own…unfamiliar streets become familiar… you end up going to a social not thinking you’d know anyone there..but then run into people you know before anyone in your group does!  The last 18months I put down roots in Winnipeg… I’m not saying it was easy… but I did it!

I’m going to keep this pretty simple…and let some photos do the rest of the talking! Here’s some ‘highlights’ of my time here in the ‘peg…I do realize that this selection of photos is pretty random… yep, that’s where my brain is at!!!

*DISCLAIMER: (This is what  I could pull together–it’s been a crazy few–sleepless nights, sorry if I left anyone wasn’t intentional.)

Time Expired_0001 Time Expired_0002 Time Expired_0003 Time Expired_0004Super-Hero Team... Time Expired_0005 Time Expired_0006 Time Expired_0007Ryan with his new camera Time Expired_0008 Time Expired_0009 Time Expired_0010 Time Expired_0011 Time Expired_0012 Time Expired_0013 Time Expired_0014 Time Expired_0015

Goodbye Winnipeg… thanks for the memories!

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4 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap…

  1. Steeves

    Great selection of shots! Looking forward to having you around here…. see you in September!

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