On the road…Day 1:

Day 1- Road Trip- 2Last night I had a bit of a homemade ‘tetris’ game to play!  It was great fun, (actually took me like 15-20mins)…and the rain held off until after I was done! I had 4 winter tires… 2 big suitcases; 4 rubbermaid tubs(1 was full)…a green shopping basket filled with stuff… plus two duffle bags–that weren’t really full at all!  Oh, plus a piece of artwork.. and my didgeridoo…! But I got it all in my car.. and was able to keep all my mirrors and could see out the back window!!! (yep, I’m THAT good…) hehehe

Day 1- Road Trip-  1

Day 1- Road Trip- 3So you know what the funny thing is? I did this drive EXACTLY a year ago!!! (weird eh).. Apparently this is the time for me to make that trek from Winnipeg to Wawa.. perhaps I have a new tradition that I’ll have to keep up!?  I didn’t take any photos today… partly because I just wanted to get to WAWA so I could get back to sleep!  hehehe…but if you want to take a look at my trip from last year!

Before leaving Winnipeg I stopped at Tim’s and got some ‘supplies’… (thanks to friends that gave me some gift certs!!)

Day 1- Road Trip- 4

I had a long day on the road today!  All in all it took me about 12hours and 30mins +1hour for the time change= 13 1/2 hours…. I covered 1182 kms… and got myself to Wawa and the Northern Lights Motel!!

Look who was here to greet me? –you’ll have to wait to see who it was!

Day 1- Road Trip- 5

*I can’t seem to upload my photos…and i’m ready to sleep… so I’ll have to figure that out tomorrow!!! 🙂 check back for that update! 🙂 Sarah

**edited–to add the photos from the day!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “On the road…Day 1:

  1. becky

    When Dan told his brother all your stuff fit into your car he said “really? Cuz that was alot of stuff” Have fun unpacking it all and I hope you find the mate to the random shoes I stuffed into the holes!!!

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