30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 1,2,3

Day 1: Self Portrait…

Anyone who knows me, or has been reading this blog for any period of time… knows that self-portraits are something I do often!  On Day 1…I climbed Mt. Duval, I took a bunch of different ones, from timer options to ‘hold-the-camera-at-arms-length’ and press the button.  In the end I decided on sharing this one of  me standing on the top of Mt. Duval…and you can see  part of Pangnirtung in the background!
Day 2: What you wore today… 

Most weekends I dress pretty casually… Sunday was no different.  I actually went over to a friend’s house to play with her two boys (1 and 2 1/2 years) while she went boating!  So I dressed for comfort…t-shirt and yoga pants!  I also included my winter coat, hat and mitts! (The temps have officially reached a point that it’s only on the negative side of 0C now!) But still haven’t switched to boots…

Day 3: Clouds…

Some days we live in the ‘clouds’ like you can see from my Day 1 photo! Days like this the sky is just white filled with cloud/fog/snow…  Today was one of those ‘white’ days… it snowed most of the morning, and the rest of the day the skies stayed pretty white!  Walking home from work at 5pm… I looked out towards the end of the fiord and saw the sun setting and decided to grab my camera to take some shots of the ‘clouds’…

There’s my first 3 days… I’ll probably update you again next Monday-if not sooner!

I’ve had the chance to check out some of the other bloggers joining this challenge…it’s pretty awesome to see some of their photos!  Feel free to go check out some of the other bloggers that are doing this challenge Our Wired Lives has made an awesome list HERE!   If you are a twitter-ite check out the #OctPhotoChallenge.

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9 thoughts on “30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 1,2,3

    1. SarahontheRoad Post author

      Thank You! 🙂 This has already been really fun for me… I might have to get creative on some of the days–as we are in the months of loosing daylight on a daily basis! Thanks for all your hard work at hosting this challenge!

  1. journeytoamarathon

    Your self portrait picture is amazing! Seeing it made me want to see more photos from your climb, so I went back and read that post, and those pictures are equally stunning. Can’t wait to see more of your photo challenge posts!

    1. SarahontheRoad Post author

      Thanks! It was a good day to climb, the scenery up here makes it hard to take a bad photo. I think I’ll post my challenge photos in batches so check back soon for more! 🙂 Sarah

  2. Jenna

    That first one of your is so cool! I love how proud you are, and how natural it looks. I never would have realized it was a self-portrait!

    1. SarahontheRoad Post author

      Thanks Jenna… I ended up putting my camera on a rock, setting a timer…and then running (because I didn’t realize it was blinking)…and literally got into that position and the photo was taken… (my friends were laughing at me because I just made it into the frame!) But honestly LOVE this shot…. the clouds and the framing and everything.. it was the first ‘test’ shot but ended up beautiful!

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