Friends 4EVER!

Today I had the opportunity to catch up with my friend Krista. Krista and I met back in January 1985 on my first day in Kindergarten in Haliburton. We’ve been friends since day 1!  I think that means in January we will have been friends for 27 years!

I dug out my mum’s photo albums and managed to find a few photos of us together at my 6th Birthday Party in December of 1985.

From my Mum's Photo Album: December 1985

It’s really hard to see the ‘true’ beauty in these photos…but well a photo-of-a-photo can only do so much!  I’m sitting in my Grandpa’s chair..(in the dark blue shirt…with the BOY haircut; I think resulted because I wouldn’t let my Gramma or my Mum brush my hair-they threatened to cut it if I didn’t let them…and apparently I learned that lesson the hard way!) Krista is in the gorgeous teal blue tracksuit… with her cabbage patch slippers I so wanted a pair!

From my Mum's Photo Album: December 1985

I love how Jammie and Amanda were dressed in dresses for my party… and Krista and I were sporting our best tracksuits…growing up in the mid 80s nice fashion!

I guess I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy..and ALWAYS hated wearing dresses!!! It was only Krista and her mum that got me a dress and convinced me to go to Prom in Grade 12.  Without Krista I would have never gone!

I remember our school years fondly…there were summer camps, sleepover parties, movies Friday nights at the Molou, weekends on the ski hill… along with all the other growing up drama of being friends, and then not friends, and then friends again!  There are many, funny stories, jokes and memories.

Summer of 2008...

In 2010, Krista met Tas… they have had a whirl-wind, fairy tale kind of love story.  Tas is Australian.  They met and it was love at first sight and got married in the Fall of 2010.  Sadly, I couldn’t make it back to Haliburton for their wedding, or to meet Tas.  I was living and working in Winnipeg and because of work commitments I couldn’t make the flight back for the wedding.  Today I got to meet Tas and catch up with Krista…it was a fun morning.

We met at the Kozy Korner for brunch… and to catch up… then headed down to the docks for a spontaneous photo shoot! Even though it was like -20C Tas was an amazing sport.. and enjoyed walking down in his borrowed-heavy-duty-snow-boots!

A few shots of the couple… and Head Lake…and some self-portraits…and a shot of Krista and I taken by Tas! (thanks, Tas)… 

Then that newly-wed-thing happened… maybe they just needed to warm up!? (I don’t blame them)…

It’s funny how quickly a romantic moment can be made into a crazy-snow-fight!!! Well I guess if you give a girl-some-mittens…she has to show her new Aussie husband the joys of a winter wonderland. Tas was such a great sport, and love both his and Krista’s facial reactions.

Then the tables were reversed… and well Tas needed no prompting to ‘snow’ her!

It was awesome to meet Tas… It was so nice to see you so HAPPY and in LOVE!

Evidence from the fight…. Krista for your next snowball fight… I’d make sure Tas was on your team!  He’s got some mad skillz…for an Aussie Bloke.

It was so nice to see you… and hopefully next time we touch base, will be in your hometown of Melbourne, Australia!

I’m blessed to know that our “friendship is a promise made in the heart, unbreakable by distance, unchangeable by time” (Michael Macone) …thanks for being my 4EVER Friend!  Enjoy your last weeks in Canada before you head back to the land down under.

luv you,  Sarah

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