Welcome 2012…

As I mentioned on my birthday I have been working on a creating a list of 32 things to do when I’m 32. I decided to take this approach rather than make list of resolutions for 2012, because everyone does that!  I know some of these things are a mixture of dreams, goals and resolutions…or even a ‘bucket list’ of some sorts..but they are all things I do want to do, and why not make it happen this year. Knowing me I’ll probably blog and let you know when I complete some of these things.

In no particular order…

1.  Be able to run 5km without stopping

2.  Scrapbook my photos from Australia

3. Knit an afghan

4. Learn how to sew mittens

5. Continue to learn how to use Photoshop

6. Blog regularly (at least once a week)

7. Learn to make sushi

8. Travel somewhere internationally–have a few destinations in mind but who knows where I’ll end up

9.  Phone and Skype dates with friends and family regularly

10. Get the Tattoo I’ve been thinking about getting for a few years

11.  Use my treadmill 3 times a week

12. Re-read Jane Austin’s Books

13. Re-read Anne of Green Gable Series

14. Run a 5km Race

15. Send real letters via Canada Post

16. Laugh until my belly aches, and I forget what I was laughing about (then repeat)

17. See the Eiffel Tour in person, and eat a baguette with some cheese

18. Enter a photography contest

19. Go ice-fishing and catch an Arctic Char…or at least attempt to

20. Print out my 3 favourite travel photos, frame them and display

21.  Give yoga another chance, and go 2 times a week

22. Be a better listener

23. Finish last 2 credits of my Adult Education Certificate

24. Go on a vacation with my mum

25. Finish Scrapbook from my University Years

26. Learn how to Crochet

27. Continue to push my boundaries with my photography, further developing my style…and also grow in the ‘business’ side of photography.

28. Attend a NHL Hockey Game that my cousin is playing in

29. Have a zero balance on my credit cards

30. Eat breakfast every day

31. Achieve personal goals for weight loss-be happy at whatever stage I am in this process

32. Dance like no one is watching-on a regular basis!

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9 thoughts on “Welcome 2012…

  1. Emma's Bucket List

    I love the idea of having a yearly bucket list that is achievable each year. I have about 230 items on my list, and achieved LOADS this last year (sky diving, wing walking, aerobatic flying, Zorbing, Disney, las Vegas, grand Canyon, zip-lining in Nevada, visited Thailand, did a bungee jump, rode an elephant,held a monkey, floated weightlessly in an isolation tank, among others)… But I realise that this level and pace of bucket listing isn’t really sustanaible!

    Any way-looking forward to seeing how you get along with yours, and also what you’ll do next year!!

    My list is here by the way: http://emmasbucketlist.com/thelist/

    1. SarahontheRoad Post author

      Thanks Emma… I looked at your list, you have a lot of awesome amazing things on your list! Some I’d love to do…I also liked the idea of picking just 32small ones for each year. It’s a bit more manageable and with where I live…it’s so expensive to do heaps of travelling–just to get to Ottawa (Southern Canada) it’s about $1500-1800 a return ticket! Thanks for sharing your list with me… Sarah

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