Igloo in Igloolik

On Thursday night during dinner I found out that there was an Igloo beside the high school.  I was pretty excited…because I had never seen on up-close, only in photos and in books! I didn’t go that night–because it was dark, but decided to head over in the morning before my flight left. There is a bit of irony I think that I saw my first Igloo while visiting Igloolik, but I like it!

Friday morning as I left the hotel..the sun was just starting to rise over town.  I think the sun rising and setting are so breathtaking in the Arctic!

I arrived at the Igloo…and took a shot of me outside!  I’m not 100% sure why it was built…but I think it was built to help celebrate the return of the sun festival a few weeks earlier.  Someone did tell me that elders have been going and having tea and making bannock inside.  It was too early in the morning and no one was there when I visited…A look back towards town… the sun still coming up over the town.  Igloolik is lucky because there are no mountains…the sun returns a lot sooner! 

Here you can see the ‘window’ that was made for the living part of the igloo…and also the smoke stack.  Here’s me climbing through the door from the living portion of the Igloo into the porch area.  The porch area had a bench on either side. One side had a bag of seal oil for the qulliq and on the other side were some extra furs.

The middle photo shows the ‘roof’ in the living area of the igloo–this is the 2nd dome.  This Igloo had a canvas lining that was against the snow blocks on the ceiling–they were held up by wooden plugs that were pushed through the snow and then frozen over with water… (you can see these ‘wooden’ place holders on the outside of the igloo in the photo with me standing beside it).  The living portion of the Igloo in the 2nd dome was pretty awesome… you can see the raised sleeping area(back 1/2 of the Igloo)…there was a pile of furs on top of the snow shelf to make it really comfy!  To the left and right of the sleeping area it was set up for cooking… It really was a nice cozy home!

I regretted cleaning out my camera bag before my trip…because I took out my wide angle lens (10-22mm) and well it would have photographed the interior of the igloo so much better!  Isn’t that always life though? When you don’t have something you really wish you had it and when you have it…you never use it?
Here’s the view looking outside from the porch (1st Igloo dome)…Another view from outside… (aren’t self portraits and timers awesome!).  I felt very lucky to to and be able to visit this Igloo–as it was set up like a home, not just a survival shelter! After the quick morning visit at the igloo we returned to the hotel.  On our drive out to the airport we drove past the Inuksuit (the plural of Inuksuk) that stand on the hill overlooking Igloolik…I grabbed a photo of them in the rising sun.  Even though they were waiting for us at the airport, I asked to stop so I could jump out of the van and took these two photos.  It took 30seconds…and I’m so glad I did…because the colours in the sky are amazing and now I have a photo to go along with my memories of Igloolik!

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7 thoughts on “Igloo in Igloolik

  1. Ryan Bealer

    Now this is VERY COOL!!! I’m so glad you shared this. I’m learning so much about up there from you. I’m glad you take the time to write your blog… =-)

    1. SarahontheRoad Post author

      Thanks Donna… It was actually really, really warm inside. (In the one photo I had to un-zip my jacket!) It was probably -32C outside…and inside didn’t even have the qulliq lit or anything, snow is really an awesome insulator of heat. With it going–it would be really toasty..and I’m sure you could last!

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