It’s all about Perspective!

Map on the floor at the airport in Yellowknife, NWT--can you figure out where Pangnirtung is?

I’ve been home about a week, and just needed some time to recharge.  Travel is awesome, but also can be extremely tiring. I will catch you up from photos from the end of my trip with my Gjoa Haven, Nunavut…and I have a heap of photos to catch up on the March Photo-a-Day-Challenge!

It’s hard to believe that March is almost done, time seems to be moving so fast but at the same time it seems to be moving along super slowly.  But I suppose that’s just the way life is.

I must admit I’m getting a wee bit tired of winter…a lot of my friends had this hit them in February.  But I suppose I like to always do things in my own timing…and it’s hit me at the end of March!  But good news the forecast is looking good for the next few days.

If you ever want to see what the weather is like up here…check out Environment Canada’s Weather Office

…I must admit seeing Facebook updates in the last few weeks about ‘spring’ has hit in southern Canada has hit me a bit hard.  But then there’s where you have to put life into perspective…SPRING has arrived in the north as well.  Here in Pangnirtung, our days are getting longer (sunrise today was at 5:47am and sunset was at 7:08pm)…it is warming up (no more temperatures that are in the -30Cs or below-might have just jinxed myself there!).  YES, we still have snow (probably will for at least another 2months or so)…but it’s nice that it’s warm enough now to get outside and do stuff in that snow.

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1 thought on “It’s all about Perspective!

  1. Sergey

    Hey there Sarah :))
    This is Sergey from Israel =) I haven’t written recently, but I’ve been following your blog on a weekly basis =) I’m reading mostly..

    The thing about the weather is always tricky =)) People want the warmth, but once it’s here, it takes about a week or two and everybody starts complaining about how hot and annoying it is and want for the cold to be back again )))

    I think -7 should be cool and comfy, but maybe that’s just my anti-heat attitude that is talking)))) Summer is about to start here in Israel, and this means HELL =(((

    So cheer up and enjoy the wonderful weather you have there))
    Thank you again for sharing your experiences so elaborately 🙂



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