Kugluktuk: Night and Day

At the end of last week I was in Kugluktuk, Nunavut for a few days…  I was able to reconnect with Tara, an old friend from Pang who lived there in 2009 too! Tara was one of the people that flew to Iqaluit with me to help celebrate my 30th Birthday-ah good memories! We spent Friday night creating really good food…catching up, and talking about computers, editing photos, cameras and taking photos and random settings! It was a great evening…

Tara is a foodie…in 2009 she had a group of people over to have Korean Food--it was delish!  Turkey dinner at Christmas was also wonderful.  

Tonight was no different…we had a thin crust pizza with brie, parmesan, asparagus and mushrooms..I suggested we added on chilli peppers… it was so good!

Then we also had a fabulous Greek Salad.. mmmm feta and olives!  (yes, so much CHEESE… but so good…but SO MUCH CHEESE!) The second photo is of dessert… it was something Tara heard about on CBC radio. Apples cored then add nutella to core…wrap in pastry.. and bake.  OH so good…  I helped do the coring and filling with nutella part, Tara wrapped them up before the end of the night… 

Around 11:30 I was getting ready to head back to the hotel…when Tara looked out and saw that the light were out! So we got all bundled up–headed to the hotel to grab my tripod…and then back out to shoot the lights!  It was so cold, but at first I didn’t really notice… I managed to get about 2 awesome shots before my camera batteries ran out!

We took this last photo… before we headed inside.  I got back to the hotel at 1am–and we had been out shooting photos since just after midnight! I looked online and grabbed a screen shot of the current weather…no wonder I was cold…shocking!

Saturday morning I talked Tara into going back outside for a ‘quick’ walk… it was still cold low -30s with a colder wind chill factor!  But we did manage to walk around and take some photos of Kugluktuk in the daylight! You can see Tara’s photos HERE! I stayed at the Coppermine Inn a really nice homey place to stay… and AMAZING food!

These bundled up cuties were waiting for their dad to come back from inside the store…(yep–there was an adult that was driving on that sled!) If you look closely at the dog…even they get ‘frosty’ fur/hair!  

All covered in frost… But fun reflections in our sun glasses! Thanks Tara for the wonderful visit… and heading outside to take photos with me–even in the cold temps!

I had a great couple of days in Kugluktuk.  The people are so friendly…I met and had so many people, and had so many great converations..thanks for the wonderful visit.

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