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When I got home from my day spent celebrating Pang’s 40th Hamlet Day Anniversary I had an email from a friend.  This friend had been contacted by someone from Nunatsiaq News and they were wondering if there were any photos from the day’s celebrations they could use in their publication. I emailed them a few photos that evening and more in the morning…and 4 were chose.  These photos were posted throughout the day on Nunatsiaq’s Facebook page…and on Nunatsiaq Online, their website!

Because I’m a bit of a ‘geek’ I took a ‘screen-shot’ to remember seeing my photos where in an online publication!

It was so exciting to see some of my work published in an online paper for lots of people to see!  While I was in Iqaluit celebrating Toonik Tyme some more of my photos from my experiences were also added to the Facebook Page, online website…and possibly next week’s PAPER edition of the paper!  (That should be REALLY exciting to see if some of my photos make it to the actual newsprint copy of the paper!)

It’s been a bit surreal and crazy amazing experience… It’s been an amazing opportunity to allow more people to see more of my photography work!

The other really nifty thing is that tonight I realized that having this happened has helped with #27 on my List of 32 Things to do When I’m 32… two things done-still many more to go!

If you want to take a look at the photos they are all on Facebook…check out Nunatsiaq News…”like” their page so that you can get news feeds from happenings around the north!  Once on their page…check out their ‘photos’…and then ‘search’ through…there should be some of mine in there (a photo credit is given for each image!)

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9 thoughts on “Getting Published…

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    1. SarahontheRoad Post author

      Thanks Donna…Taking photos and capturing moments is something I love and I am so excited that others now can see some of my photos.

  2. Anna

    Way to go Sarah!! More of the world discovering your beautiful photos! We are so proud of you!!
    THanks again for continuing to blog, I love catching up with your life!

    1. SarahontheRoad Post author

      Thanks Anna and Jacob! Your support means the world to me… can’t wait to see you this summer in July! 🙂

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