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Good Morning Sunshine

Just wanted to let all my family and friends in the south know that there is no need for AC up here yet! I’ve seen all your talk on social media about how ‘hot and humid’ it is.   I woke up to a nice ‘white-out’. It was really surprising that Canadian North landed this morning (flew over my head as I was walking to work). It’s been snowing all day-more of a wet/rain kind of snow.

Honestly, I’ll take snow over hot/humid days every time.  It’s a good thing I’m living in the Arctic!  I’m starting to wonder what my summer will be like, if it’s going to be a hot/humid one it’s going to be hard to get use to.


All of you in the south that are hanging out in your AC filled cars, houses, and offices trying to stay cool.  I’ll be the one putting on fleece, hats and mitts and LOVING every minute of it!

Happy 4th Birthday Benjamin!


HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO YoU…



Summer 2011

Christmas 2011


I hope you had a great birthday party today.  I realized that it’s the first birthday I haven’t been in Haliburton to celebrate with you.  There was your 1st Birthday (which got 2 posts here’s the other one!) , 2nd Birthday and 3rd Birthday!!! I was looking through photos… and was reminded how much you have grown!

Here are some photos from when I first met you in the hospital (left and top right)…and in March of 2009 before I left Ontario (bottom right).

You have grown so much…here’s some photos of when you were 1…

And when you were 2…

And when you were 3….

Can’t wait to visit Haliburton and see you this summer when you’ll be 4!!

Luv, Aunt Sarah

Out on the Ice…

Today was a bit windy, cold…and I was comfy inside with my knitting project. When Markus called to tell me of the plans…I almost didn’t want to head out…once he got here, I decided I should go!  So I changed and then I grabbed my gear at the last minute and jumped in the back of Markus’ truck.  We went down to the end of the road with Mike, Markus and Téa.  Téa is visiting Pang from Finland.  She’s a nature photographer, check out her website here.

A few weeks ago Mike and I had gone here to shoot… Today we ventured further out, the tide was out… so the huge pieces of ice were resting on the bottom.  We ended up pretty close to the open water.

…it was fun to be on the ice, though I must admit it did make me a bit nervous..but we were safe the pieces of ice were very thick!

Waiting for the water to come fill up the holes..

This was a fun ice formation to shoot!
…Mike tested out the piece of ice to see how steady it was.

…I climbed up on it and sat on it!  (I surprised myself… by being able to get to the top, and I slid down…when I did that I realized that my tailbone hadn’t hurt in a few days–but was reminded about it in that moment!)

Here’s a shot of Markus… (he just ‘walked’ up the side of it…)

Even though these photos face different can see how fast the tide was coming in.  At this point we started to head back towards shore…because you dont’ want to be ‘stranded’ on ice…and no way to get back except to walk through water pools over my boots! (though there were some ‘water’ crossings on our way back to shore!)

One of the changes at the end of the road is a few families have put up their tents!  My friend Rosemary put up here tent there…I was happy to run into her daughter–and snapped a few photos!

Stopping to talk to friends was a great end to a great day.  Once again, I realized that once I got out… it was so much fun! I suppose all I needed was that motivation to head out.

Here’s one last photo I took yesterday…at a campfire in the camp ground.  I enjoyed my May 2-4… even though I am still wearing a hat, mittens and wind pants!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their May 2-4 weekend… I’m glad I celebrated mine without any black-flies or mosquitoes!

Happy Mother’s Day…

~May 22, 2011~

Mother’s Day…
a time for warm thoughts
and fond memories,
for expressing
the feelings and words
that often go unspoken,
for letting
those special people
in our lives know
that they are loved
and appreciated


Dear Mum,

I hope you have a fantastic day… hope it is filled with peace, rest, laughter and joy!  I wish I was in Haliburton celebrating with you today… Today is one of those days I wished I didn’t live so far away. When I started living so far away… I decided to do a special post for you each Mother’s Day.  (2009, 2010 and 2011) It’s hard for me to believe this is the 4th Mother’s Day I’ve lived so far away on this day…

Here’s two of my photos from Winnipeg taken in 2010!

When I headed out to take photos today… it was really, windy… (it really wasn’t that dark, but because of my flash…it just looks that dark!)

 I am looking forward to seeing you this summer and heading to some of the plays at the Highlands Summer Theatre with you!!!

You are the best Mum a gal could ever ask for.  You are always seem to be there with the right words of support and encouragement  me when I need it!  Thanks for being you…the best MUM ever… and also for being my friend.

Luv you…
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