Good Morning Sunshine

Just wanted to let all my family and friends in the south know that there is no need for AC up here yet! I’ve seen all your talk on social media about how ‘hot and humid’ it is.   I woke up to a nice ‘white-out’. It was really surprising that Canadian North landed this morning (flew over my head as I was walking to work). It’s been snowing all day-more of a wet/rain kind of snow.

Honestly, I’ll take snow over hot/humid days every time.  It’s a good thing I’m living in the Arctic!  I’m starting to wonder what my summer will be like, if it’s going to be a hot/humid one it’s going to be hard to get use to.


All of you in the south that are hanging out in your AC filled cars, houses, and offices trying to stay cool.  I’ll be the one putting on fleece, hats and mitts and LOVING every minute of it!

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3 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine

  1. Keenan

    I’m with you Sarah — will take snow over hot/humidity any day. Try Colorado summers – not humidity, just sunshine and dry arid heat (makes for cool evenings – which rocks when you’re sleeping). Bests!

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