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Bloom: finding beauty in the unexpected…

This morning I woke up and looked out the window…and saw that overnight the snow gods dumped a clean, fresh batch of white snow over the land.  It was a winter wonderland… yep, even though it’s May 8th, it was unexpected BUT it was a gorgeous site to look at!  (Most of it had melted by the time I had come home from work at 5pm…)

It’s always hit-or-miss when I head to the post office… sometimes finding nothing, and other times…finding my box full of purchases, bills and sometimes even letters from loved ones!  This afternoon I decided to go check on my mail box… I enjoyed the sun, and the breeze on my face as I walked there. I was hopeful…that my books would be in my box…but didn’t want my hopes up too much. You see I pre-ordered some books…and then got an email April 17th saying that my books were on their way. (side note: I just looked up the email in my inbox..and guess what? the estimated delievery date was May 8th! Score one for Amazon…and Canada Post you actually delivered on time! )

Kelle Hampton‘s book Bloom FINALLY made it to Pang!!!  Bloom: finding beauty in the unexpected is a memoir of Kelle’s life after the birth of her 2nd daughter, Nella.  When Nella was born Kelle and Brett learn she was gifted with an extra chromosome and had Downs Syndrome.  If you haven’t you should read Nella’s Birth Story.  I was so excited…I had wanted to read this since I pre-ordered it back in January!  I was so excited that I even looked past the fact that somewhere along the line during shipping that my package had been opened with a knife and then randomly re-taped but wasn’t really ‘closed’ again. Thanks Canada Post!

..that blurry, stuff on the railing..Yup, it's SNOW!

I walked back to the office with a smile on my face… and wishing I could head home and curl up on the couch and read it.  I went back to the office…and held off opening it up until my coffee break.  Quickly scanning the pages, looking at some of Kelle’s amazing photos… then showing some self-restraint packed it back up in the box and then into my bag for the rest of the work day.

I couldn’t wait until 5pm…. once I got home I put on some comfy clothes… and started to read. I’ve always been a fast reader… the type that once I start a book, and I’m into it… I can’t stop until it’s done.  Whether that be midnight or 3am…I read until it’s done…I need to get to the end of the story. Kelle’s book was just like that and I was sad the closer I got to the back of the book…that the end was coming, because really it was just beginning.

I tried not to rush through the book… there’s so much emotion…grief, sorrow, laughter, joy and love expressed between it’s covers.  While reading it I felt like I had been alongside Kelle on the journey… through Nella’s birth and first year of life… there’s a part of me that respects and admires Kelle for her fierce love for her girls, her family and openness to share her thoughts, awakenings with the world at large.  Kelle has a fantastic gift with words.  Her photography is a constant inspiration to me…her words and photos in Bloom were beautifully crafted, a labour of love.  Kelle’s book made me think… I suppose a good book does make you reflect, and question is there anything you can take for yourself…and apply to your own life. I haven’t gone through an experience like Kelle…but still there were lots of things in the book that struck a cord with me. One of the things that really struck home was when Kelle described…

“The net,” my friends call it- the ever- present existience of one another, standing by, ready to catch any one of us who might be falling. Kelle Hampton, Bloom, pg. 59

Friendship is one of the world’s best gifts.  Friends that are your ‘peeps’ that get you…and love you.  As I was reading Bloom it struck me how I too am blessed with some amazing friends…women that are in my life…despite living in different cities, separated by huge distances…we are there for each other through each other’s pain, sorrow, grief but also laughter, happiness and joy…

Friendship is just what makes the world a wee bit sweeter…and if I were a diabetic…well I’d be in trouble, because friendship has made my world sweet enough to put me in a diabetic coma.

One thing I will take away from this book… is to look for the beauty in the unexpected…and enjoy all the small things that life brings my way…always mindful of the friends that I have been blessed with…

Thank you Kelle for sharing your story.

An Evening Shoot…

Tonight around 9pm my friend Mike surprised me with a knock at the door.  He greeted me with, “c’mon get your stuff…let’s go shooting!”…so I packed up my camera gear, and in about 5mins we were off to the end of the road on his quad! Thanks for invite Mike.. it was a fun night and awesome to get some fresh air!

There was still a decent light to get some photos.  The view at the end of the road. Not bad for 9:30pm!

Clouds hanging out.. just above the mountains…

Mike showing off his ‘large’ lens… 

After taking the above shots… I realized that my go-to-favourite-lens..that I use about 90% of the time had a fun rattle and hum.  This happened about a year ago…and I took it into a camera repair shop in Winnipeg and had it ‘rebuilt’ (it had fallen off the ‘zoom-tracks’)… kind of a bummer on the night.

Luckily I had my 10-22mm in my camera bag…so played around with that for the following shots.

Mike and I ventured out onto the ice… to see if we could get some cool shots.. looking through the pack ice.  Here’s what I came up with.

The last shot of the night…  I couldn’t decide if I liked the colour or the B&W…so decided to share both of them!  What do you think? Which do you like better?

Now that my 18-200mm is gone bust…I have a lot of decisions to make…what should I get to replace it with…there are so many lens choices out there!

My question out there for you photogs…what kind of lens do you have in your bag?

I’m a Canon gal… shoot with a 50D… other lenses in my bag are a 50mm, 10-22mm and a 50-500mm (which I don’t carry around all the time…) now that the 18-200mm is gone.. I have a bit of a ‘hole’ in my camera bag!

Any suggestions on lenses that would be awesome.

Ready, Set, MELT!

Seasons changing always happens so dramatically in the north.  (Or maybe I just don’t notice it so much when I’m in the south.)

I think the extra daylight hours helps speed up mother nature with the whole melting snow process!  According to Environment Canada the sun rose today at 3:25am and will set at 9:14pm…that’s a lot of extra sun-warming-up-the-snow to make melting go faster time!

It’s amazing the differences from walking to work in the morning, at lunch and then at the end of the day…. Here’s a shot of a mini-creek that has started to flow along my path to work!  The top photo was taken on my way back to work at 1pm and then bottom was taken on my trip home at 5pm.  Quite the difference 4 hours makes.

The walk to work has been a bit of an obstacle course… dodging snow piles…that until this week were frozen and hard enough to walk on… but now are soft and you sink, sometimes up to your knees!  (Below you can see my foot prints from my morning walk to the office-only went up to my knees!) 

Then you need to make sure that the foot bridge random board that has been left at along the path is still sturdy enough to make a safe crossing… My friend ‘testing’ out the safety of our crossing!

The driveway around our work building.. has turned into a flood way… making a crazy path of ice and rushing water to cross to get safely inside!

Here’s a sight I haven’t seen in awhile… my bottom step…it’s been buried in snow the last few months!

Looking at the forecast online seems like Pang will be on the + side of zero for the next few days.  This is awesome, it’s also brought back the crazy winds.  No planes today… it’s not too windy…only gusting about 50kms/hr.  It is enough to shake my house, rattle my windows and pick up any loose building materials!

Hope you have a great weekend…


One Step at a Time…

The temperature outside has been hovering around the 0 marker…(today went into the + side for a bit!) The SUN has arrived back…and those ‘extended’ days… along with the warmer temps…means lots of rocks and dirt and puddles are starting to form! Spring has arrived… (*although snow could always happen any day when you live in the Arctic)!

Tonight I met up with my walking buddy…. and we went on a short walk towards the end of the road.

…let’s just say the views outside are SO much better than when I walk on my treadmill inside!  This is the time of the year to get outside and enjoy the amazing weather. The view on the way home…

On Friday it will be 3 weeks since I fell when I was on holidays in Iqaluit.  Last Monday I had my suspicions confirmed at the Heath Centre… that when I fell I did indeed break my tailbone.  It’s been a bit of a pain in the ass… (pun intended!)  Walking seems to be the one of the only things I can do without pain.  (Sitting is tolerable for short periods of time…usually in positions that are bad for posture…because it doesn’t put any weight on my tailbone.)

I won’t be running any marathons…or even a 100m dash any time soon… heck who am I kidding… before my fall I wouldn’t have been doing those things either! It’s going to take a bit of time before my body heals…so I have to be nice to it!

One-step-at-a-time… I can still get out and enjoy some of this fresh air and stop to take a photo or two!

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