Since my last post, the snow that arrived was gone by the next afternoon.  Over the weekend it warmed up… (to around +10C or so)…and with that temperature with the sun that is shining almost 24 hours a day on Sunday the Duval River started to melt really fast.   I have been enjoying sleeping with my windows open again- and been able to hear the RUSHING water of the Duval River, and also lots of random dogs! The first is something that is really relaxing, the 2nd not so much!

Let me back track and explain a bit of history about Pang and the Duval River…

In 2008, the Duval River had a really fast melt and heaps of water and ice came rushing towards the fiord. In the process the foundations of the two bridges that cross the Duval River were compromised, and the community was divided.  It was a crazy time, stranding some residents from access to the stores.  But also cut off the community from access to the water reservoir and sewage treatment plant! One of the real signs of global warming, and the effects it has on northern remote communities. I’ve heard stories from some of the people that lived through the bridge wash-out… pretty crazy stories!  With time the current bridge we have was built.  (It’s a one-way bridge with a separate path for pedestrians to walk along side).  It can be seen HERE.

To keep ‘heavy’ equipment off of the bridge…a low access road was built.  Every spring it seems to always get washed away! This year it hasn’t washed away, but the Hamlet is working hard to keep that from happening.  Earlier on they were ‘pumping’ water from one side to the other…because the culverts were all still frozen / filled with ice.

Below the first photo shows this access-road. Sunday an excavator made a ‘side’ trench to redirect the water around the road. (on the left hand side is the trench). Random Fact: you can see ONE culvert…but there is actually three other side-by-side culverts that are UNDER that one!  The water is really that high.

This photo looks towards Mt. Duval on the other side of the bridge–you can see the ice chunks that are starting to come loose. You can also spot my house…

After from leaving the meeting I was at walking past the beach… I looked up and saw the sun dipping behind the mountains it was about 10:30pm.  The sun is still ‘setting’ today officially at 11:29pm and rose today at 1:14am.  But we have reached the time that even though the sun sets…it never really gets dark anymore…

PS. can you see the two people standing on the ice chunks in the photo below?

When I got back to the bridge there were lots of people around.  Watching, seems like some ‘excitement’ had happened.  You can see the BEFORE (taken at 6:45pm) and AFTER (taken at 10:30pm) photos below.  The water rose, and more ice came rushing…this blocked the trench so the water started to pool…and find a new away to the fiord.  It washed away some of the road by one of the culverts…so the excavator came and dug it out before it was pushed out to the fiord. 

The excavator continued to pull out ‘chunks’ of ice… so that they won’t block the ‘trench’ and the water can continue to travel towards the fiord without washing away the rest of the road. 

A view of some of the kids watching from the side of the bridge!

I suppose that’s the excitement that is currently happening in Pang. I’ll keep you posted on the DUVAL RIVER watch 2012. (if you are interested or not!)

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    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      Yes, the new bridge is pretty modern looking and a link to join parts of the town. There are many more houses on the far side of the bridge now. Thanks for the link to Austin and Kim’s blog! They are still in the north, in Iqaluit, but don’t blog anymore…


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