An Evening at the Elders Centre in Arviat…

Last night (Wednesday), our group was treated to an evening performance of singing and drumming at the Elders Centre.  (On Monday night we had ‘stumbled’ upon the group practicing for this performance!) It was an hour performance…and it was so amazing!  The women singing family songs to the men drumming.

The Elder that sang this song…had her grandson drum for her.  (She is wearing the red hat.)

This was one of my favourite photos I took last night.  

It was great to see so many people from the community of different ages enjoying the performance and also participating.

The Bead work on the Amoutiq was amazing!!! Here are two different examples from the front and back.

























There was also a bit of throat singing…

I loved how this father was one of the drum dancers.  But he also brought his children so that they could watch him as well as other Elders doing the drum dancing.

The thing that struck me watching the performance…that it was something the Elders enjoyed…as well as the next generation.

Leaving the Elders Centre about 8:30pm… looking up here was the view of the sky.  After living in Winnipeg and then moving to Pang… I miss these WIDE open skies….


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