Goodbye Arviat, Hello Iqaluit!

On my last post about my trip to Arviat it seems fitting that I put up photos that ‘welcome’ you to Arviat!  I had such a great week in Arviat…it was really nice to visit another community in Nunavut.  The people of Arviat are so friendly and welcoming.

After our meetings wrapped up this morning…there was a bit of time to head to the ‘lumber’ store.  I took some photos inside, but promised the people in them that I wouldn’t post them!  Trust me they were pretty funny…my friend was looking for a tool belt, and the brand-name of the tool belt that they had in the store was hilarious! In the end she didn’t get the belt.

This store went on, and on, and on… anything and EVERYTHING you would ever want to have was there.  From food to sewing supplies to construction stuff to home appliances, the lumber store had it all!  That’s one of the fun parts about travelling…each community gets different things into their stores…and you never know what you might end up seeing!

Outside of the lumber store…was a group of kids.  They were jumping and running around-playing some kind of game.  They saw my camera and asked if I could take a photo of them.  So I did!

Our next stop was Kiluk-the Arts and Crafts Store in Arviat!  (This is the place that the Salia Doll Amauti are hand made!) While I was there one of the ladies brought out 3 cute Ookpik (Owls).  Immediately they were bought by two of my coworkers.  I quickly asked if there was another Ookpiks in the back.  The woman said there was one more ‘baby’ one…but it needed to be finished.  She quickly stitched it up, and cut the tail feathers so I could buy it. 

Posing with our new friends! 

Here’s another group of kids…waiting for their mum to take them home after a long day at school!

Then it was off to the airport to catch our charter flight back to Iqaluit.

On this flight I decided that this is kind of like a ‘bucket’ list item achieved… I was on a privately chartered plane…travelling from point A to B.  Glad that this happened northern style.

Kind of like another item on that ‘bucket’ list.  I always wanted to live in a house that had a porch swing. My basement apartment in Toronto–well that house it was in, had a porch swing! And the ‘Bucket’ list item to live by the ocean–well I’m doing that in Pang, but the water temps are a bit colder than I expected!

I guess sometimes our ‘bucket’ list wishes are a bit different than what we expect them to look at when we make them.  Maybe I need to start to define these items a bit more! Some last views of Arviat…

…and a view of Hudson’s Bay!

A quick stop for re-fueling in Rankin Inlet…

…a final wave, quick walk to board the plane, and two + hour flight back to Iqaluit is the way this story ended!

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