Bright Star…

The story of finishing a little project for myself…

(Photo taken by timer…)

I first picked up the knitting needles when I was in grade school.  I’m not sure how old I was, but I have a vague memory sitting on my grandpa and gramma’s back porch knitting a scarf.  I never finished it, but went on to do another craft.  In the fall of 2005 I found out I was going to be an Aunt.  I went and got some yarn, needles and a pattern (free from the store)…and worked out a cousin to make a sweater for my nephew.  That cousin taught me how to read a pattern…helped me ‘pick’ up dropped stitches.  She was my knitting mentor…

When I moved to Pang in 2009, I brought heaps of yarn… and made heaps of baby sweaters.  It was a short, easy project…and are DARN cute! These small projects were perfect to carry around with me when I was travelling!

This past fall a friend and I started getting together once a week to knit and watch tv.  She’s an amazing knitter… week after week she brought different projects to work on- sweaters, scarves, socks… you name it she knit it! I on the other hand…was stuck in the ‘baby-sweater’ knitting rut.  It wasn’t a bad place to be stuck…but well I have no use for them!

One night my wise knitting friend asked me why I had never done a project for myself.  I didn’t have a good answer… I looked through a few books she had brought along. That’s when I decided to make an afghan! Knit an afghan became #3 on my 32 Things to do when I’m 32 list.

Then next step was to get the yarn. While I was on holidays my friend Erin and I headed out on this quest.  We were pleasantly surprised to find London Yarns a short drive away from her house!

The two women that worked there were SO friendly and helpful!  I quickly had all my yarn, new needles and the afghan book… I highly recommend checking this place out if you are in London, Ontario.

I managed to put all my yarn into my luggage and fly it back to Nunavut.  It stayed there until after I was done 2 other projects.  I was finally ready to get started the weekend after Easter!  It was a bit daunting knitting with 4 balls of wool-but once I had a system I didn’t get too many tangles!

Before I knew it I had finished the first few squares!  I loved the colours of the yarn SO much that for the duration of the project they say on my red chair… (only moved them when I had people over!)

Soon I had 4 squares done for the centre of the Afghan… I was so excited to see the project coming together.  But at this point I realized how much sewing together I’d have to do!

(taken with my iPhone)

I decided at one point to stop with the harder squares and do some ‘easier’ ones… yahoo for a straight knit! (I was just testing out to see how ‘soft’ the yarn would be… trust me it’s WAY soft!)

Before I knew it… I had almost all of the pieces done.  From about this point forward I kept it on the carpet of my living room floor.  In the photo below I was just short the corners and 2 Purple Rectangles!  Yikes-that’s a lot of sewing in strings…

(iPhone photo-bad lighting taken late at night!)

Getting close to finished… It took so long to sew it together, next afghan won’t be done in pieces!

The last thing I had to do was crochet around the outside edge to finish it off.  I asked a woman at work if she could help me.  She showed me over break… It was a slow process… I didn’t want to mess it up, but over the next 3 nights I worked on this last step!  Yes, I’m slow… I need to do another project to learn some more crochet.

And then I was done.  I was in love with this image from the book, and wanted to recreate something like it with me and MY afghan! So I decided to take it with me when I went on my ‘little’ walk up Mt. Duval last weekend.

(photo taken by Sandy)

All in all this project took about:

6 weeks of knitting…

2 weeks of sewing…

3 days to crochet around the edge…

I couldn’t believe it only took me about 2months!

The Book I used “Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans” has so many great options… I’m starting to think about my next project.  If I do another afghan I really like this one, Autumn Haze!

(photo taken by Sandy)

As I was writing this post I was sitting at home, with my afghan on my lap.  The temperatures today dropped down to 5C… (I had to turn on the heat again in my house!) I posted an Instagram photo of my blanket on Facebook and friends are telling me it’s crazy hot in  Ontario right now.

Why does that matter? Well if all goes as planned (the fog/weather/flight delays) don’t get in my way…just be a short 3 flights away from Toronto!  I’ll let you know how that adventure goes… travelling in the north is always fun!


* thank you, Sager for taking the time during my short 36hour visit with you in January to get the wool…without you I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

* Also thanks to my friend in Pang that inspired me to knit beyond a baby sweater!  I’m still not 100% sure about those scary things like ‘cables’ and knitting with 3 or 4 double pointed needles.  But I’m sure with your knitting mentorship I will be just fine! Maybe I’ll work on some socks or leg warmers next?

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