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September Wrap Up (#FMSPhotoaDay)

Where did September go? This was an awesome month… travelling for the first 2 weeks in France, a crazy wind storm, polar bear sighting and the first snow of the season!

This month I participated using my iPhone 3GS (yes, I know I’m a few verisons behind the latest-but since I can’t use it as a phone where I live I’m ok with that!).  Since I was using my iPhoto & I was travelling without my computer for 2 weeks I made the decision to post my photos on Instagram & on Twitter (follow me at @sarahontheroad).

Fat Mum Slim put together a really fun list to play along with.  It was so much fun to search the #FMSphotoaday to see all the amazing photos being taken around the world!

…here’s a look at my photos from the month!

Here’s the list of prompts…

If you played along, let me know… I’d love to look at your shots!

First Snow…

This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland!  Pangnirtung had it’s first snow last night.  This morning when I looked out the window I was surprised to see a winter wonderland.  It made me blink twice.  Walking home from work last night, I could ‘feel’ the snow coming…but was still surprised to see it!

The views just outside of my front door…at 7:45am…when it was still white and pristine!

…it continued to snow until mid afternoon. It was a nice wet snow… kids were out playing everywhere making snowmen!  But by the end of the day… the roads were turned to mushy-slush… and the snow had turned to rain!

My walk to my friend’s house today was sure pretty though… crossing the bridge.

…snow makes me so happy I’m glad to see it back on the ground.

The last I saw snow was at the end of May…this batch probably won’t stick around, but you never do know…maybe it will!

Polar Bear at the end of the road…

Seeing a Polar Bear in the wild has been something I’ve wanted to have happen…but then something I totally didn’t want to happen.  Contrary to popular belief of many in the south…polar bears aren’t cute and cuddly.  They are hunters, they stalk their prey… and they are big, have big teeth and claws… and well I didn’t want to come across one while I was berry picking, or hiking in the hills around town! Because the polar bear would win any battle every time!

But then there was this other side of me wanted to see one…I wanted to be sure I was safe in a car, or boat…but have the ability to see one. People in town just looked at me and said, “No you don’t!” I’ve heard stories… and realized how life threatening seeing a bear would be…there’s no fences like the Toronto Zoo to stop that bear from eating you!

In April of 2009, one of my first trips out of town in a skidoo with neighbours and friends... we stopped along side a polar bear’s tracks on the fjord… I couldn’t believe how big they were!

~ Photos taken April 4, 2009 ~

….then a few weeks later I saw another ‘sign’ that they were living amongst us while I was walking through the streets of Pang.

~ Photos taken April 13, 2009 ~

Today, a coworker at work came past my desk and said, “Polar Bear at the end of the road…”…I jumped up grabbed my coat, got into a truck and headed down to the end of the road.  And I saw one… walking away from town… I couldn’t believe how FAST they walk!  It was HUGE, (even though it was way far away…). It went behind a hill, and then ended up jumping in the water and swimming for a bit!  It was so neat to see it, but I remembered that in July of 2009 I had hiked around where that bear was and this spring had enjoyed some time taking photos out there on the ice…!

I did take the following photos with my iPhone 3GS…that ‘white’ blob on the big photo-it’s a polar bear! Lots of people were down looking for the bear…we stood there watching it as the smell of the dump burning filled our nostrils.   As you can see from the photo on the bottom right the bear was pretty far away–going in the opposite direction of town, but had been quite close when it was first spotted!   And my zoom on my iPhone 3GS just isn’t the same as my 50-500mm lens on my camera!!

Well that’s my news… lessons I learned today:

1. …always be prepared to jump in a truck when someone says, “Polar Bear”!

2. …get in the habit of carrying my camera with me at all times again!

3. …and maybe walking to the end of the road–might not be such a good plan right now!

Where’s my Ruby Shoes?

Last night I went to bed with the knowledge that there was an extreme wind warning for Pangnirtung.  At that point it was predicting that in the height of the storm the wind was expected to gust up to 140kms/hr.  Last fall there was a storm prediction like that…and I went to spend the night at my friend’s house downtown.  It turned out being a storm but not a ‘crazy’ storm like the fall of 2010 where roves off of houses were ripped, trucks and boats were flipped over like toys!

This morning there was still a Wind Advisory for Pang in place…but the speed of the wind gusts has been downgraded and now it was only expected to gust up to 100kms/hour.  I got a call just before 8am to tell me that work was cancelled and the building was closed.  Apparently I had slept through a lot of the ‘crazy’ wind that happened between 5 and 6am…even though my house was shaking, I slept on!

But from about 7:30am on…I was up, moving around my house…looking out windows.  Watching things blow by… like rubbermaid tubs, plastic bags, building supplies-insulation, 2x4s, full sheets of plywood picked up off a stack as if they were a deck of cards and were being shuffled. I was scared, but couldn’t stop looking out the windows…

…weather update from 10am. The wind was gusting at the highest between 9am and 10am! At one point I saw a ‘crate’ which I later figured out was a dog house coming STRAIGHT at my house… I decked and screamed… Luckily it didn’t hit any windows, but my ‘red’ light for sewage is gone.

At one point between 9 and 10am… I saw a ‘crate’ which I later figured out was a dog house coming STRAIGHT at my house… I decked and screamed… Luckily it didn’t hit any windows, but my ‘red’ light for sewage is gone.  My garbage bin also ended up being picked up and tossed on it’s side (it was nailed on my porch).

Before the storm, began about 8am there was a rainbow over the fjord and just before noon there was another.  Here’s a shot of the 2nd rainbow… I had to ‘hold’ my door…because the wind was blowing it so much as I took this shot! can still see the white-caps on the fjord!

I’m glad that I’m fine, my friends are fine…and my house survived (minus the loss of a light for my water tank).  The other exciting news is that a report from CBC saw my tweet about an instagram photo I put up about the first rainbow before the storm.  They asked to post it on the CBC North Website!

Then I got an email from Nunatsiaq News…they wondered if I had any photos of the wind.  So I sent them some of the photos I took while it was ‘calm’…only gusting up to 45-55kms/hour!! They picked one and put it up on their website, below is a screen shot of it!

The only thing missing from today was me wearing a pair of ruby shoes.  Perhaps I should get a pair-at one point in the storm all I had going through my head was, “…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”  That statement is so true, there is no place like Pangnirtung…and I’m so happy I can call it my home!

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