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Weekly Wrap Up: Days 23-29 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

…only 2 days left in the challenge!  Here are my last week’s photos…

Day 23: Dark 

This photo was taken last Tuesday, October 23rd just after 5pm when I got home from work! …that day the sun rose at 7:48am and set at 4:27pm.  It’s that time of year that it’s starting get noticeable how short the days are becoming.  (today the sun rose at 8:09am and will set at 4:04pm…that’s only a week’s difference!)

sunset in the Arctic

Day 24: Black & White

A new seal skin being stretched…one of the many uses can be to make new clothing- mittens, kamiks etc!

seal skin stretching...

Day 25: Bright

On Thursday…despite the cold and snow…inside the elementary school there was a feeling of brightness!  There was an inuktitut dance…it was so much fun…dancing for all ages. Simeonie’s band was awesome…fiddles, drums, bass, guitar, accordion and even the bones (kind of like spoons). Two musicians from Nova Scotia who had been at the school giving music workshops joined in the fun as well as two students from high school!   The whole evening brightened my day.. to be able to listen to the lively music, watch dancers young and old dance jigs and other dances…and then finally to be able to join in on one of the last dances myself (…even though I wasn’t sure what I was doing!) It was an awesome evening…

Day 26: New

There’s been a lot of this new stuff aka snow in the last few days!  It seems to be the cycle of snow, then winds + temps over zero make it melt/blow away…then more snow.  This morning (Monday) I woke up to 10-15cms of fresh snow…on top of icy roads…it’s made walking a real experience!  All day it’s snowed off and on… I’m really hoping it STAYS, I’m ready for winter!

new snow

Day 27: Old

This view does not ever get OLD, I’m so blessed to be able to look at it every day…(well when the clouds/mist/fog/snow isn’t in the way!)

Day 28: Hard

With the snow and clouds.. it’s been a hard week to see the sun.  Very soon (sometime in mid-November)… the actual ball of the sun won’t be visible in Pang…it won’t rise past the mountains!  It’s definitely the time of year to start taking vitamin D… Usually at some point in early-mid February the sun will return and the community usually celebrates with games on the fjord!

Day 29: Hope

Today there were narwhals spotted in the fjord…there was a mad rush at the beach…hunters trying to get their boats in the water to join the hunt!  My hope is that the hunters were successful to bring back a narwhal to feed the community.

Pangnirtung Harbour

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Brass Trio from the National Arts Centre Visits Pang…

Last night I bundled up and walked to the Community Centre for a concert.  A trio of musicians were in town from Canada’s National Arts Centre in Ottawa. These three musicians are part of a Northern Tour to teach and share their love of music.  They are travelling to Pang and Rankin Inlet.

On this Saturday, October 27th in Iqaluit a concert will be performed by a 20-person orchestra from the National Arts Centre.  This concert will include traditional songs, throat-singing,  a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and pieces by two renowned Nordic composers, Edvard Grieg of Norway and Jean Sibelius of Finland.  If you are in Iqaluit that day…make sure you get a ticket to go to this once in a life-time opportunity.

National Arts Centre Pangnirtung

The concert I saw was this trio’s third concert of the day!  Steve was playing the trumpet, Julie was playing the french horn and Colin was playing the trombone…  There scheduled flight didn’t land yesterday in Pang because of cross winds…so they got an extra night in Iqaluit! (part of the true northern experience…) Today once they arrived they had a jam packed day at the schools in town.  They worked with the high school music class and did small workshops for students that were interested.  They also did two small concerts one at the elementary school and one for the high school.  You couldn’t tell that their day had been so full…. the last concert of the night was amazing!

National Arts Centre in Pangnirtung

There were so many people packed into the Community Centre.  The kids were so great…pretending to be conductors…and this group of boys slowly inched closer as the concert progressed!

National Arts Centre in Pangnirtung

Thank you Julie, Steve and Colin for visiting Pang and bringing your musical gifts! It was nice to talk with you after the concert.  Have a safe trip on your way to Rankin Inlet.

Capturing a Moment in Time… almost 6months old!

When I was in Iqaluit in April I had the opportunity to take some family photos for my friends Josefina, Eduardo and their son Lucas.  At the end of that post, I mentioned how I couldn’t wait to meet their new arrival.

Well it’s been almost 6months, and I finally got an opportunity to meet Baby Matias. (’s not for the lack of trying, in June weather kept me in Pang when I was going to fly to Iqaluit and then holidays and summer plans seem to not jive between us…so it was nice to finally catch up!)

I went over to have dinner with Josefina and the boys.  (Eduardo was travelling for work, so sadly didn’t see him this trip!) But after dinner I brought out my camera and took a few shots.

It was a bit of challenge for two reasons: 1. it was an inside shoot, and it was dark outside…that meant no natural light from the windows  2. big brother that was nearing the end of his day…and I had to be creative to get him in the photos.  But despite these challenges, there were quite a few ‘keepers’ in the bunch of photos I took.

Here’s your sneak peak Josefina and Eduardo…thank for letting me capture a moment in time for your family.

Baby Matias…

Big Brother Lucas…

There’s something special about seeing sibling love at any age!

One of the last shots of the night… Big Brother was already sleeping and now it was time for Baby Brother to get one last snuggle before going to his bed!

I popped a CD in the mail for you….hopefully you will get it soon!  Thanks again Josefina for the wonderful visit and dinner. Can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Iqaluit.

Weekly Wrap Up: Days 16-22 (#OctPhotoChallenge)

Can you believe there are only 9 more days left in October? I can’t! Where has this month gone? I must say winter has settled in… the snow is here to stay.  I have been a bit jealous looking at friends posting fabulous fall photos of trees and coloured leaves.  But I am also excited to see the snow…after all it did get rid of the dust from cars, and that makes walking in town so much better! Here’s my weekly wrap up for this past week of the challenge.

Day 16: Edible…

Here’s a shot of some yummy Char Chowder.  I made this soup, and had caught the Char back last spring.

Day 17: Shadow…

This was taken today…on my way back to work!  I remembered I had to take a ‘shadow’ picture, but only after the sun had set last Tuesday… so I skipped it and took one today! Our daylight is on the decline…so already at 1pm when I walk back to work shadows are long!

Day 18: Corner…

This shot was taken when I stood at the CORNER of St. Jude’s Cathedral.  I decided to look OUT from the corner not IN!

Day 19: Noise…

While I was in Iqaluit I got to hang out with this little guy.  He was all smiles and happiness…and then well I suppose all babies have to cry at some point! Maybe he didn’t love his tummy time as much as we thought?  (I’ll be posting more photos from this shoot tomorrow!)

Day 20: Nature… 

This photo was taken from the air.  On Friday my flight didn’t land in Pang first…the clouds closed in, so we had to continue on to Qik.  After a short stop-over…we got back on the plane and flew back to Pang and were able to land.  Although it was a bummer I didn’t land right away…I was excited because I got to fly over Auyuittuq National Park.  This short 35minute flight is one of the most scenic ones I’ve ever been on! I do have more photos and will post them later this week.

Here was a view out of my window…

Day 21: Air… 

A quick shot of a raven playing in a wind gust…I love how he is moving off the frame!

Day 22: Bokeh…

Here’s a shot I took of a neighbourhood dog… being able to blur out the background in a photo helps the viewer stay focused on the subject!

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