A Mini-Road Trip…in New Brunswick

Welcome 2013!

At some point I’ll have to update my 32 Things to do when I’m 32 list...and recap what I did and what will be carried forward to this year.  (Part of the reason I don’t like lists…is if I don’t complete all the items on the list by the deadline, well then I feel like a failure…so usually don’t like making lists for that reason!) That being said, I will revisit my 2012 list…and post some ideas of things I want to do in 2013.  I’m thinking about this before I post anything…

Moving On… 

Today was such a fun day.  Morena, the kids and I went on a ‘driving-tour’ of some of the places around her house!  First mission of the day  was to find an “Oromocto” Sign…(we did find a few, but with the huge amounts of snow…they weren’t so photo-op perfect!)

OromoctoThe fabulous Mini-Van…I must admit, I love my little car…but there’s something pretty awesome about a mini-van! Especially if there’s a DVD player in it!  Thanks Morena for taking me on the little mini-road trip I had so much fun today! The cruisin' van...

We drove around Fredericton.  So many awesome old houses… we stopped for lunch at McDonald’s…the kids enjoyed a bit of a play in the play land…and then got back on the road.  We stopped at the Legislative Buildings…long enough for a quick photo. Fredericton Legislative Buliding...

Our next big stop was at Morena’s parents house… in Grand Bay.  They have gorgeous views of the Saint John River. We had some tea, and visited…it was nice to catch up after meeting in Pang when they came to visit.  (Remember when I climbed Mt. Duval with Morena, Nick and her dad….?) Grand Bay... view of Saint John River

Then we moved onto the beach…I wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a wee bit windy and cold. Morena and the kids stayed in the van…while I ran out to take these photos. Saints Rest... Beach on the Bay of Fundy...beach so awesome, but so cold! If it wasn't so cold, I would have stood and listened to the waves come in for hours!

The sun was beginning set…the perfect light for photos…I found a rock for my camera to sit on…put it on the self-timer…and just JUMPED! New Years JUMP

We continued our driving tour along the streets of Uptown Saint John.  Such a great area…so many cool shops, in old, old buildings… this is a city I need to visit in the summer time.
Saint JohnsUptown Saint Johns... Uptown Saint Johns King's Square...

Thanks Morena for the fantastic driving tour and showing me around your ‘hood! It’s been a fantastic visit…(but it’s not quite over)…but have enjoyed our many conversations.

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9 thoughts on “A Mini-Road Trip…in New Brunswick

  1. Jeka

    OMG you were in my Home province!!!! I lived in Fredericton for two and a half years during univirsity! And I flew to Nunavut from there. Saint John is the closest city to my hometown and Oromocto is where my little sister spent her summers for Army Cadet camp! Glad you enjoyed the east!

  2. oldermommystill

    I’m also a New Brunswicker! I live in Quispamsis which is about 15 minutes east of Saint John. Glad you enjoyed your mini trip and had a chance to see the Atlantic Ocean as well as some other beautiful places. {PS…love your photos, they’re awesome!}

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …they were worth my face, hands and neck freezing! But glad I finally captured the shot of me totally jumping with legs in the air. (never mind how I look like a geek when I jump!)

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