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Happy Easter

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter long weekend. My weekend so far has been filled with resting, visits with friends and sharing good food! The weather has been so amazing, sunny days with blue skies.

it's not about the bunny

{Source: this was found on Facebook and then found it on this blog, but not sure of the real source!}

Don’t let me mislead you. The Bunny always did visit my house growing up. But we also knew that Easter wasn’t just about the bunny alone; there is a deeper meaning to what Easter is all about!

This morning I was going to attempt to get up to watch the sunrise.  I set my alarm for 4:55am.  Since the sun is officially rising about 5:44am I thought that this would be in ample time to wake up to go watch it.  But when I looked out the window it was already light outside…(the sun might not have risen over the mountains yet, but it was light!) So I made the decision to go back to bed for a bit longer, until it was time to get up for church!

That is one thing I thing I do miss living up here. When I lived in Toronto on Easter Sunday I usually got up early, before the sun rose to head to the Woodbine Beach. There I met other friends and members of my church to watch the sunrise!  We’d sing, read a short passage from the bible…then go home to get ready for Easter Service at 10:30am! Even though I’m really not a morning person…it was so much fun!

What special Easter traditions do you have?

Walkin’ in the Hills…

Friday I went over to visit my friend Kaitlin.  She’s currently puppy-sitting for a teacher that is gone on Easter break!  It was such a gorgeous day, sun was shinning even though with the wind it was -20…it was a good afternoon… Here are some photos I took as we talked, and let the pups wear themselves out!

(I think the puppies are about 7months old…they are a mixed breed, brother-sister from same litter, and didn’t get the “Pang-dog-short-leg-gene”!) Walking in the hills around PangnirtungWalking with the Dogs 2 Walking with the Dogs 3 Walking in the hills of PangnirtungWalking with the Dogs 6 Walking with the Dogs 10 Walking with the Dogs 13 Walking with the Dogs 14 Walking with the Dogs 15 Walking with the Dogs 19 Pangnirtung, walking in the hills above town. Thanks for a fun afternoon Kaitlin…it was fun to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air!  Even though I’d still want babies more than puppies, it was fun to hang out for the afternoon with these cuties!


Her story – Tina (Part I)

After the birth of our second son in 2006, I knew I didn’t want to go back to work.  Unfortunately due to finances we had no choice.  I was heart sick going back, but I was working nights and Rob was working days so we were able to get away with not paying childcare.  Unfortunately we were not spending any time together as a family unit and we were miserable.  We decided we needed to make a change.  We looked at all options.  Prostitution?  Still kept us away at night.  Drug lord? Too competitive in the trailer park.  So we decided to look west.  Rob contemplated going to Alberta, as many people were doing in 2006.  On a whim, Rob decided to post his resume on  Right away we started receiving phone calls from a company in the North.  I thought “hell no, I am not moving to the North”.  But they kept calling.  And calling.  And then there was the job fair which we went to.  We realized this was not a scam, but a legitimate company.  We decided to start surfing the internet for any information we could find.  I stumbled upon this blog of a woman who was in Nunavut and left a message on her blog.  She quickly messaged me back and we started chatting.  She was from BC and her husband was from Cape Breton.  That woman was Kara.  From Kara’s blog I found Jenn shortly after, Kennie and Sarah.  I also found the amazing Indigo.  Everyone was so helpful and helped us make the decision to move to the North.  We met the most amazing people, and I will never forget the first time I stood under the Northern Lights with my husband and my children.  These women were with me when I lost my dad a short 6 months after moving North, and were with me in spirit when I came back to Nova Scotia to organize his funeral and face the firsts of many without him.  I often took pictures with them in mind thinking “Kara will get a kick out of this” or “Jenn will LOVE this”.  I was fearful when we left the north that I would lose the bond I have with these women, but that was a silly thought on my part.  I feel now that this trip is really happening we are all closer than ever.  I really can’t wait for the silliness that we will all share when we are together.  To just relax and completely be yourself around people that are just as crazy as you are is something I do not normally get to experience.  I love to act silly in public, to sing and dance in the middle of  store and not care who sees me.  I don’t judge anyone, and if anyone judges me well too bad.  Life is too short to be caught up in seriousness.  Indigo taught us all that and I know she will be with us in spirit on this journey.  I can’t freakin’ wait!

Baby Steps

While in Iqaluit a few weeks ago on my last night in town I went over to my friend’s house for dinner.  Before we got into the buisness of making pizza for dinner, I snapped a few shots of their family!  (A year ago in April I took Josefina’s maternity shots and then last fall I did a 6month shoot for her youngest….)
Friend's Photo Shoot_0001 These two boys are the sweetest I know in Iqaluit!  Friend's Photo Shoot_0003Friend's Photo Shoot_0002

This little man started taking steps the day before I came over for dinner.  One of my favourite moments of being an Infant Room Early Childhood Educator was to be there to see babies when they take their first steps!  Nothing can beat that new walking baby- almost zombie- straight arm, straight leg walk!  Friend's Photo Shoot_0004 Friend's Photo Shoot_0005 Friend's Photo Shoot_0006 Friend's Photo Shoot_0007 Friend's Photo Shoot_0008This little man was so excited to show me all his games he was playing on his iPad….Angry Birds and a Buzz Lightyear game!  
Friend's Photo Shoot_0009Just a few ‘family’ shots…
Friend's Photo Shoot_0010 Family portraiture

These photos were just the beginning of a great night.  Thanks so much for dinner and awesome conversation.  I’m glad we are friends.  I’ll drop this CD in the mail…as soon as possible…there’s a few more on the disk. Next time I’m in Iqaluit we should head back down to Apex to get some more family shots on the beach!

Spring IQ Fishing Trip!

Friday it was time for our Department to get out of the office and head out on the land.  It was our  Inuit Qaujimatjatuqangit (IQ) Spring Fishing Trip! (IQ is Inuit traditional Inuit Knowledge. click on the link for more information.)

We went to 

Iqalukjuat it’s about a 2 hour drive away from Pang.  (We also went there last spring for our IQ day…).  Here’s a look at the Pang Mountains just after 6:30am. It is so peaceful that early in the morning.

Pangnirtung Pass...mountains at 6:30am

We had an early start, meeting on the beach at 6:30am…after everyone gathered and got there we took off for the fishing lake.  I was one of the first people to arrive, and I thought maybe I was being ‘punked’ but it just turns out I was on time and the first to arrive!  

IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0001I started out travelling in the back of a kamotik (sled being pulled by the snowmobile).  It was a fun but bumpy ride across the fjord! When we started to go up the Kulik River Trail…I jumped out and onto the back of a snowmobile.  (It was the safest way to get up…the trail was icy…and it’s a basic drop off a side of the mountain…with a heavy kamotik that might ‘swing’ off the side….so I was happy to be on a snowmobile!) 
IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0002IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0003 A shot of Pang in the distance from the top of the Kulik Trail… (see the edge of the trail?) IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0004 At one point we stopped to take some photos…but everyone else in the group was still on the move! IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0005 IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0006 IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0007 It was so weird… to see open water at this time of year…but one of the places we had to cross was open water!  Coming home…I was back in a kamotik and there was some serious splashing of water…that instantly froze on me! IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0008 Here’s the spot where two machines got stuck in the crazy deep powder.  I did a roll off the machine… and then was stuck in snow up to my waist.  It was crazy trying to walk to the top of the hill… I *might* have ended up crawling on my hands and knees, this *might* have been the only way to get to the top of the hill without breaking through the crust!
IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0009

Finally at the lake…we had sunshine and a gorgeous day for fishing!
IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0010 fishing trip Pangnirtung, NunavutIQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0012 IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0014 Yummy fish soup for lunch… so good!  IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0015

After lunch my luck jiggin’ changed!  I *might* have caught the edge of the ice once…but then ended up getting FOUR awesome Char! Here’s a photo of me with the first… and my ‘pile’ of four! Soon after we started getting ready for our trip back to Pang.
IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0016 Fishing trip in Pangnirtung, Nunavut Here’s a shot at the top of the Kulik Trail… (Pang is in the distance on the other side of the fjord!) Fishing Trip in Pangnirtung, Nunavut I got out and walked down the hill… as the trail was slick, and it took mad skillz to keep the sleds and kamotiks on the trail, not jack-knifing and flipping off the edge of the mountain! One of the guys took this sled and kamotik down the hill… took the kamotik off and then drove back up!  Then he drove down his machine and kamotik.  IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0019 Looking back at the Kulik Trail from the other side of the pack ice.  End of the day… it was such a great day!  I got home about 7:30pm… and it was still DAYLIGHT! IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0020 IQ Spring Fishing Trip 2013_0021 Fishing Trip Pangnirtung, Nunavut

It was a perfect day for fun with people I work with…can’t wait until the next day we get to go out!

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