Trip into Auyuittuq National Park…

Today was a fun day- I went into Auyuittuq National Park with an outfitter for the day. Last summer I took a boat ride to the entrance, and now get a chance to go via snowmobile and kamotik.

All the fresh air has left me very sleepy tonight, but I wanted to post a few photos before I head to bed! (There might be more later on this week I’ll post.) Auyuittuq National Park_0011 Joavee, our outfitter, stopped to check the ice.  The warmer temperatures in Pang lately + more sunshine + currents on the fjord in this spot has made the ice start to melt.  He had take us through the pack ice to get past this spot! Auyuittuq National Park_0007Just a quick stop–have to stretch your legs!  We also started to feel wind from the Park’s Entrance… Auyuittuq National Park_0006At the entrance to the park… it was so windy!  But in this photo it looks so peaceful.  (The Cabin is the old ‘park ranger’s cabin’  it’s in the process of being moved I think! ) Because of the wind and lack of snow further on, we didn’t go any further into the park…instead we just enjoyed a few hours at the Entrance! Auyuittuq National Park_0010 I went with my neighbours… Auyuittuq National Park_0009There’s something about these mountains that is just so amazing!
Auyuittuq National Park_0005I took a hike up this mountain… I’ll have to post some reflections and more photos later this week.  Auyuittuq National Park_0004Auyuittuq National Park Here I am 1/2 way into my climb…so happy, and excited to be in this moment…even though climbing up a mountain is not easy work, and even more fun in a pair of Sorrels! Auyuittuq National Park_0008

It was a such a fun time. I’m blessed to be able to live so close to this amazing park…and have the opportunity to visit it!

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8 thoughts on “Trip into Auyuittuq National Park…

  1. Keenan

    Crazy hair Sarah – LOL! And it grew so fast…didn’t you get it cut over the holidays? LOVED the mountain pics. So jealous! You know I have a hiker’s heart 🙂 AWESOME post!

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …I might just have a ‘hiker’s heart’ that’s undercover! My hair is growing…I’m looking forward to a hair cut when I’m on holidays in June–it’s about shoulder length and quite ‘bushy’ because it’s all one crazy mass with no layers… but FINALLY long enough to pull back into a pony!

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