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May 2013: #FMSPhotoaDay

I shouldn’t be amazed but May is over…it went by way too fast!  This month a few of my friends joined in the challenge… thanks Mike, Markus and Conni.  It was great to see your photos you posted in the Facebook group! You inspired me to take new and exciting photos… also to use my SLR more than my iPhone!  Thank you for that!

This month I started sharing my photos not only on instagram…but also through the FMS Photo a Day group on Facebook!  It was great to share photos there and see all the other photos posted.  It was inspiring to see so many moments being captured worldwide…makes the world seem a little smaller when we all were shooting similar topics!


 (Source: Fat Mum Slim) 

Without any more rambling I’ll leave you to my photos for May….

May Photo-a-Day!_0001

Day 1: i bought this!… my little bro, sis-in-law and I surprised my mum with this patio flooring for her balcony…an early Mother’s Day gift! (iPhone)

Day 2: morning ritual… always have breakfast! This isn’t a normal breakfast as I was at my mum’s and choices were different but still delicious! (SLR)

Day 3: This is really good!… My mum had a hip replacement on March 1st.  It was really great to see her OUT and walking in the sunshine!!! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0002

Day 4: In my cup… nada my cup is empty… or it’s totally full of air! (iPhone)

Day 5: paper…the calendar I made for my family this year!  It has all the birthdays for my Gramma, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Mum, Brothers, Sister-in-laws and Nephews!!! (made it via shutterfly!) (iPhone)

Day 6: broken… The wing of my plane (Porter) from Toronto to Ottawa had some ‘broken’ or rust spots! (iPhone)

May Photo-a-Day!_0003

Day 7: something beginning with F… flying!  Just taking off from Toronto Island… heading to Ottawa! (iPhone)

Day 8: shape…. Circle!  Taken from the airplane window…while I was stuck on the plane for 2 hours while we were in Kujjuuaq! (SLR)

Day 9: a snack… having snacks with my friend Kim in Yellowknife!!! such a fun day to catch up with her… (iPhone)

May Photo-a-Day!_0004

Day 10: stars…there aren’t any stars we can see in town now… because of the almost 24 sunlight! So this photo is from my archives in 2009! (SLR)

Day 11: a smile…so happy to be back home, after my adventure travelling to Yellowknife and back! (SLR)

Day 12: Mother… Happy Mother’s Day Mum!!! (taken May 2011) (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0005

Day 13: sunrise/sunset… Just after sunset (the sun going behind the mountains) I went for a walk and saw these kids skating on the fjord.  (to see the photo bigger click HERE) (SLR)

Day 14: need…I need[ed] to share with everyone that my first photo was published in a magazine! (SLR)

Day 15: 7 o’clock…just the clock in my living room! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0006

Day 16: mailbox… My mailbox 141- had a huge pile of mail that day, I really should check more than once a day! (SLR)

Day 17: season…the Spring melt is on! Huge puddle in front of the GN building where I work! (SLR)

Day 18: want…I want for this fish to cook!  I was so hungry after fishing all day and enjoying the sun! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0007

Day 19: my favourite view… this shot was taken on the way home from fishing!  It’s of Toblerone Mountain…so good I could eat it! (SLR)

Day 20: light…this was taken off my back porch at midnight! Up, it’s still light out! (iPhone)

Day 21: i care about this… getting to go out on the land with friends for the day! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0008

Day 22: change… love this penny bank!  It was a gag gift from family this Christmas… perfect for loose change! (iPhone)

Day 23: PJs… my fav pjs! (SLR)

Day 24: go…the snow is SLOWLY starting to melt!  Taken on the ‘bridge’ I cross 4x a day on the way to work! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0009

Day 25: Us…it was girls movie night at a friend’s house! Yummy snacks and awesome laughs! (SLR)

Day 26: Fave thing to do on Sunday!…get caught up on Game of Thrones (or any other tv shows…) (iPhone)

Day 27: can’t live without…this view every day on my morning walk to work! (SLR)

May Photo-a-Day!_0010

Day 28: what you are doing right now… taken just before bed!  Was getting ready to read a bit… (iPhone)

Day 29: kiss… captures this moment when I visited my friend at the beginning of May. (SLR)

Day 30: tool… an ulu (an inuit tradition woman’s knife) Best knife in my kitchen ever! (SLR)

Day 31: four things… 4 of my shoes just chill’n on a rock outside at midnight! (SLR)


Can you believe JUNE is here tomorrow? I’m getting excited for this month… as I have an EPIC trip to the YUKON planned! (It’s been in the works since January 2012…and it starts in 18days!!!) I fly south on the 8th…so this month will be fun and there will be random pictures from at least 2 different territories and possibly 2 provinces!

So feel free to join me in the challenge… it’s such a fun project!


(Source: Fat Mum Slim…check the link for all the ‘rules’ and how to ‘play!) 

If you want to check out the other months of my 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenges click on the links below!

Broken Ankle = Change of Plans

So this Raven broke her ankle four and a half weeks ago.  Thank goodness this crazy gathering is still just under three weeks away, allowing for a bit more healing time.

But it did make a slight change to our plans.  All of us had signed up to do a 5k run in the Mayo Midnight Marathon after I had taken up running this winter and had given myself a challenge to be able to run 5k straight by summer.  I was incredibly upset that I wasn’t going to be able to do the run and wasn’t sure what could be done since we had already paid our fees to participate.

In the end, we all decided that we will still do it, but make it as fun as possible!  Instead of running the 5k, we will don our crazy garb (bearded lady hats, capes, dyed shirts, wild undies, etc) and we will walk the route making it as entertaining as possible.  I am not entirely sure if I will be able to walk 5k by that point, but I am hopeful since I have been without crutches the last couple of days and am doing my best to hobble around.  Maybe I should just bring a wheel barrow and the other Raven’s can take turns pushing me!

So if you see a group of 5 ladies walking in the craziest get-up you have seen, don’t call the cops!  Just come and take our picture instead.

Happy 5th Birthday Benjamin!

What so serious, Benjamin?

It’s your bIrThDaY…it’s time to party!!! Happy Birthday Benjamin

Happy Birthday to you…


HaPpY bIrThDaY Dear Benjamin….

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy Birthday BenjaminDear Benjamin,

WOW, you are 5 already!!! Where did the time go? I hope you have a fantastic day today…
Happy Birthday Benjamin Yesterday it was snowing here in Pangnirtung…but it didn’t stay on the ground! (Can you believe it…snow the day before your birthday?!)  It’s a sunny but cool day here… what’s it like in Ontario? I must admit…I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer!  Happy Birthday Benjamin

Happy Birthday Benjamin…hope you have a terrific day.  Sending you heaps of love from the Arctic… I left a birthday gift for you and I think your mum and dad have it, so you’ll have to ask them for it!

Luv, Aunt Sarah

Long-weekends Rock!

is has been a fabulous long weekend.  On Saturday I went out with three friends to Iqalujuaq for a day of fun ice fishing! Then Saturday night I had a Game of Thrones Season 3 Marathon with my friend Kaitlin (well only up to episode 6…that’s all I could download before coming back north again!) We ended that about 3am, and the sun was still shining…after some sleep…we got up and watched movies all day long on Sunday!  Today I’ve been working on a sewing project for my Yukon trip…and going to a friend’s house for dinner!  Heaps of fun with friends….but today I wanted to share some photos from my fishing trip on Saturday!

I got up fairly early for a Saturday morning on a long weekend…and walked over to the beach and then out to the edge of the tidal ice to meet everyone else at 8am.  (My friends live in different parts of town and it’s almost ‘impossible’ to get to my house without going over a few dirt roads…so it was easier for me to walk and meet them!)

There were a few slight adjustments before we took off…

Gone Fishin'!!_0001

Our first ‘quick’ break on the trail…time for some homemade muffins and a photo op! Gone Fishin'!!_0002

When we got to the ice…Mike had a ‘surprise’ for us… he had been cooking home-fries and bacon while we were driving!  This was the BEST surprise ever…

Gone Fishin'!!_0003

The lake was pretty full of people fishing…it was a gorgeous day outside!

Gone Fishin'!!_0004

Mary had an awesome day fishing… she caught her first fish!

Gone Fishin'!!_0005

Mike caught the next fish…

Gone Fishin'!!_0006 I am holding a ‘tuq’…and i used it to chip away the ice that had frozen in an old fishing hole.  It took a little bit of effort and muscle! Gone Fishin'!!_0007 Gone Fishin'!!_0008

We decided to go fish somewhere new…so stopped at this spot but the ice was really thin.  You can see Markus and Mike using the tuq to check the depth of the ice.  Usually you hit the ice 2-3x before deciding if it can hold your weight.  You can see that the ice was pretty thin… so we went to a different spot.  Later in the day we returned… (I was on the other side of this spot… and people had skimmed the ice/water and broken up all the ice.)

Gone Fishin'!!_0009

We went to this spot where the ice was a bit thicker…but still had some ‘open’ spots!

Gone Fishin'!!_0010

This was one of the funniest way to fish… lying flat on your tummy… when you can see the lure in the water, and the fish swimming by them.  I saw like 5 HUGE fish swim by…but wasn’t able to get them! Markus and MIke went back over to the ‘open-poor-ice’ area… while Mary and I stayed behind to fish here, and well ummm suntan and chat!

Gone Fishin'!!_0011

Markus showed me how to gut a fish… I have done it before…but practice makes perfect!

Gone Fishin'!!_0012

At about 4:30 or so… we decided to cook up some fish… Mary was so hungry she almost ate it raw!

Gone Fishin'!!_0013 Gone Fishin'!!_0016

Chill’n waiting for the fish to cook… it was so worth it, nothing like fresh cooked fish out on the fishing lake!

Gone Fishin'!!_0015

Just taking random photos of reflections in sunglasses…

Gone Fishin'!!_0017

After enjoying the fresh fish we all decided to go back over to the spot where the ice was thin…

Gone Fishin'!!_0018

Mike and Mary were on one side of this spot… and Markus and I were on the other!  (the first photos with the tuq and checking the thickness of the ice… were taken on the side Mike and Mary were on!) Gone Fishin'!!_0019

Just standing on a piece of thin-ice…

Gone Fishin'!!_0020

It was getting late so we decided it was time to go back and pack up the kamotiks and head for home!

Gone Fishin'!!_0021

A quick stop on the trail home… and a re-adjustment to the kamotik rope!

Gone Fishin'!!_0022 We did stop at “Toblerone” Mountain for a photo op! It was pretty awesome… evening! Gone Fishin'!!_0023 Gone Fishin'!!_0024

On the way home I saw my first Arctic Hare in the wild… and Mike who had been on the hunt all day…was able to shot it! So that means tonight I’m heading over to Mary’s house to have Rabbit Stew… I can’t wait!!!

Gone Fishin'!!_0025

Coming home winding through the tidal ice is always heaps of fun… because of the melting temperatures… there were a few ‘holes’ and cracks between peices of the ice.  Markus maneuvered the machine through it like a champ!

Gone Fishin'!!_0026

I was home just after 9pm at night!!! It was a fantastic day out on the land.  Thanks Markus and Mike for an awesome day, it was great to get out of town and go fishing! Even though I didn’t catch anything, it was still a fabulous way to spend the day!


* Mary took all the photos of me in this post! Thanks so much… 🙂

** reminder for myself to clean the dust off the sensor of my camera before going out and shooting heaps of photos with blue skies! (sorry about  the spots!)

Two Sticks

I think my love affair with 2 sticks of red licorice started with a little help from my Gramma.

Gramma (taken Dec 15, 2012)

My Gramma (taken Dec 15, 2012)

My Gramma use to pack my school lunch from kindergarten until grade 3 or so. Those lunches in my early days of school were so amazing-often having way more food than I could ever imagine eating. Thinking back it could have been because I was a kid, and everything you remember when you were a kid was HUGE…but in reality they were just normal –not that huge to begin with. But I kind of think that they were just in face HUGE lunches!

I always remember opening my lunch box to surprises. Sometimes inside my lunch box was a handwritten note. Sometimes I was surprised by the food choices she had lovingly put inside the lunch box. Like hot-dogs in a thermos (with small jars filled with ketchup and mustard) with the buns in a baggie. Some days it was soup in the thermos or sometimes just a sandwich. Then there was fruit, or cut up veggies and dip. Then dessert- homemade cookies or other yummy things like Rice Krispy squares.

Why am I telling you all about these amazing school lunches? You might be thinking it has nothing to do with red licorice. But that’s the thing, because the last thing Gramma almost always had in our lunch was her secret ingredient to the end of a perfect lunch -2 sticks of Red Licorice.

2 sticks of licorice

As a kid I remember searching her kitchen, pantry and cupboards on the weekend or after school to find the source of the red licorice…but she was a good hider of the licorice and I never found it.

yummy, glorious nibs!

In high school I discovered the ‘cherry’ nib pieces… and then their long licorice pieces. I was in heaven. It is so much better than the ‘strawberry’ red licorice. Who am I kidding? Any type is good… as long as it’s fresh and soft—not hard! Well there is an exception to that… I really detest black licorice. (Yes, I know that’s the “real” licorice…but it makes my stomach turn.)

I got to go visit my Gramma earlier this month. Before I left her house…she gifted me with a present she picked me up from Costco. Can you guess what it was?

BIG box O' licorice

Yep… a HUGE box of RED LICORICE!!! I’m trying to keep it to 2 sticks after lunch…but I might be failing at that. It’s funny how a simple thing like a stick of red licorice brings back so many awesome memories.

Luv you Gramma, thanks for the licorice…see you next month!

*this post was not sponsored by Twizzlers and the opinions are all my own!

(**However, if you are associated with Twizzlers I really do like your product and feel free to mail me some!)

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