Yesterday was a long day.  It started out perfectly normal… I checked out of my hotel in Ottawa with my 2 bags, took the shuttle to the airport and checked in.  That’s when the first thing went kind of crazy… I was ‘red-stickered’ there was a bad weather report for Iqaluit, and the landing was subject to weather.  I didn’t think much about this…because jets-almost-always land in Iqaluit, but little did I know.

I boarded my jet at about 8:45am…it was a sunny hot day in Ottawa.  The plane was really full… like 49 people full (only 2 empty seats).  I was sitting in the back row, on an aisle. Once everyone got settled then we took off as normal.

flying adventures

Here’s my view of the inside of the plane… the jet is split in 1/2 on the top so that passengers sit in the tail, and frieght goes in the centre of the aircraft and pilots in the front! There’s a shot of the “red-sticker”…landing subject to weather… and the airline is not going to pay for any hotels or meals if I am OVER or UNDER carried.  LIving in Pang I get a lot of these stickers.. and about 1 in 3 times we land, other times we end up back in Iqaluit.  It’s just part of flying in the north… I really didn’t think anything of it! Adventures in Flying_0001

For the next part of the story I wanted to include this map of Canada.  The RED line  is the original flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit… (then I should have taken a flight just 1 more hour north to Pang (the black star).  The BLUE line is the first diverison to Kuujjuaq, Quebec… Then the  BROWN line is our flight to Rankin Inlet, Nunavut… then the final leg in RED again from Rankin to Yellowknife, NWT.

Map of where I flew today!

So we get a message from the Captain just before we start landing how the weather had ‘closed-in’ around the airstrip in Iqaluit but they were going to attempt a landing.  They did this 2 times..but no dice.  We were diverted to Kuujjuaq for refuelling… we land about 1:45pm!  We aren’t allowed off the plane, because there is no security inside the airport.. so that means we’d go from a ‘secure’ place into ‘unsecure’ and there was no way to make us secure again before we jumped back on the aircraft.  So we waited for about 2 1/2 hours for refuelling and a new flight plane.

Here’s the other key piece to this story.  Normally the flights just go from Ottawa to Iqaluit and then return.  But since it was Wednesday the airline had a different flight plan it has a “cross-over” flight… so it goes from Ottawa-Iqaliut-Rankin Inlet-Yellowknife-Edmonton and then another aircraft goes in reverse.  That meant when we left Kuujjuaq we con’t on the regular flight plan and went to Rankin Inlet.

Adventures in Flying_0011

Here again is the view of in the inside of the plane… and my delightful 9 year old seat companion.  Seriously this kid was an amazing flyer… was so easy going about the flights! I couldn’t have asked for a better seat partner.

While waiting in Kuujjuaq I was able to take a few photos through the open door… it was a really windy day…gusting about 40kms/hr…but felt nice to get some fresh air!

Adventures in Flying_0005Adventures in Flying_0006Adventures in Flying_0012TREES!! that was exciting to see… this was my 3rd time in Kuujjuaq but I’ve only ever been there on an airplane and gone into the terminal! Adventures in Flying_0013Adventures in Flying_0002

Then we landed in Rankin Inlet.. the weather was -15C +wind.. it was so cold!  (compared to Ottawa) BUT we were so excited to get off the plane… it was about 6:05pm EST when we got off!!!

Adventures in Flying_0009My friend Tara met me in the airport… with a bag filled with FOOD! You see the airline does feed us…BUT they only had 18 people scheduled from Iqaluit to Rankin to Yellowknife…that means that they only had 18 dinners but had 49 people on board.  The flight attendants were amazing!  They pulled apart the meals.. and gave everyone ‘pieces’ of the meal. (a small salad, crackers & a piece of cheese)… but it was just a ‘snack’.  Once I got inside the airport…the small snack bar sold out of sandwiches and hot dogs really fast… so Tara came to the rescue.  It was so great to catch up with her too… last I saw her was last year when she was living in Kugluktuk.  Thanks again Tara!!! 🙂 Adventures in Flying_0010

Here’s a new friend I made on the flight…she sat on the other side of the aisle.. and her little puppy was a trooper on the plane too!

Adventures in Flying_0014

Here we are getting ready to board the plane…

Adventures in Flying_0008Adventures in Flying_0007

Finally we got off the plane in YELLOWKNIFE! it was a gorgeous night… it was +6C and sunny!  The next available flight back to Iqaluit is on Friday…then I’ll fly to Pang on Saturday morning. So that means I get to visit my friends Kim, Jason and Katie (they live in Yellowknife!)

Adventures in Flying_0004Adventures in Flying_0003

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing flight crew!!! Angela and Joey our flight attendants were amazing.  Throughout the whole day they did their best to make everyone on the flight comfortable. They started off their day with a 14hour shift across the country but then the extra delays made it an even longer day.  They were so professional, friendly and so awesome…in a day like yesterday just what was needed. Their quick thinking on ‘conserving’ beverages and splitting up food boxes really was amazing!  I hope after your shift you enjoy a bottle of wine, you guys deserve one after your day!

Sometimes when you fly in the north you don’t end up in the destination you think… you might end up visiting 2 provinces and 2 territories in Canada over a 13hour period! It’s all just part of the adventure…

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20 thoughts on “Diverted

  1. Jeka

    I would love to try this once because that is probally the only way I will see the North other than for work lol

  2. Pat Hogue

    Oh Sarah! I love visiting the North through your eyes. Thank you for making my world bigger than it normally is!

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      🙂 the joys of making friends wherever I go and proof that Canada’s Arctic is a pretty small knit community! You do know if I ever end up in Sweden I’ll be knocking on your door? or meeting you in a pub somewhere! 🙂

  3. qiviq

    Have you made it home yet, or enjoying a crazy weekend in our glorious capital?

    But seriously, my face is all f’d up in that picture. Can you photoshop a raven face over mine? And then link it to my blog! yay!

    Have a great spring!

    1. Sarah on the Road Post author

      …I have made it home, got back yesterday afternoon! The photo isn’t that bad…but I can take it down if you want, I emailed you! Hope you are enjoying being home.

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