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Haines, Alaska

…after getting off the ferry we booted into Haines to see what we could find.  The fog/mist was low in the sky covering up most of the mountains…but it was still so breath-taking!

Haines 11

We found a restaurant just by chance.  We were driving around and found this awesome store that sold smoked salmon… and beside it was a restaurant called the Fireweed.  We went up to look at the menu outside… and were going to leave but a man delivering beer from the Haines Brewery talked to us.  He basically said we should go in.. and we did. It was the BEST decision EVER!  If you ever get to Haines… you NEED to eat here!

Jen got ID’d for her Birthday… best birthday gift EVER! (the drinking age in Alaska is 21)…

Haines 3

I had a Halibut burger..with a HOMEMADE bun… so yummy! Haines 5

Kara had these awesome things…stuffed with goat cheese, prosciutto, and pesto…. so yummy!

Haines 6

…don’t forget the bacon wrapped date!
Haines 7

Kara, Jen and I shared these 2 desserts… so yummy… mine was a lemon thingy.. that was so tart but sweet… and Kara got the tiramisu!Haines 8

After dinner we had to find a campsite…. we were just going on the fly, and decided to try out the state park outside of town.  On the way we stopped to take some photos…because the lightening was just so perfect! (I think the next set of photos are my favourites I took all trip…sorry for so many photos..I had so many fav photos but didn’t post all of them!)Haines 10Haines 13Haines 15Haines 14

Taken while on the move on our way to the campground, out the window of the truck…
Haines 16

Our site for the night… nice warning! Haines 17

Jen and I went to go self-pay for our site… $10 US (Yahoo for State Campgrounds!) and then we took off down to the lake to take some photos… with the warning signs we were hyper aware and alert for the possible Grizzly sighting! (but none were seen…) Haines 20

…this man was fishing, didn’t catch anything…but so peaceful.  The next day we drove by and it was so choppy and not like this at all.  Jen and I were lucky to catch it this way… at the right time of day!

Haines 22Haines 23

The fog is covering a lot of the mountains..but I love this photo because it shows such perspective of how awesome this area is! Haines 24

Just before we headed back to our camp for the night a random couple came up and I took their photo.  Then they offered to take one with Jen and I… the perfect ending to an awesome but LONG day!  It started off with the Train ride, then a ferry ride and ended up with an awesome dinner! Haines 25


Skagway to Haines

…after the train got back to Skagway we went out for lunch and some Birthday drinks for Jen!


Then we wandered in Skagway and did some shopping… did you know that there are crazy amounts of jewellery stores in Skagway? it was like every other store was one!  Who would have thought?


We got to the Ferry and checked in early.. so had to wait a bit…before we got onto the ferry.  It might have been one of the slowest ferry loadings ever…because of the process of getting the cars/trucks/campers and trailers all into the right spots on the ferry!


We just had a short ride of about an hour over to Haines, Alaska.  It was a fun just to wander and take photos for an hour!  The weather was a bit rainy and cloudy…but this just added to the fun of taking photos. Skagway-16Skagway-18Skagway-21Skagway-24Skagway-26Skagway-27Skagway-29

Arriving at the Haines ferry dock…so much fun! Skagway-32

…to be continued…

White Pass via Train…

On Thursday, June 27th we headed to the train station.  We took the train up to the Summit of the White Pass!  It was a rainy morning but that didn’t stop us from having a fun day!

White Pass & Yukon Route 2


Here’s some fun facts about the Railway…(Source: White Pass & Yukon Route Railway)

Built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush, this narrow gauge railroad is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, a designation shared with the Panama Canal, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.


The WP&YR railway was considered an impossible task but it was literally blasted through coastal mountains in only 26 months.

The $10 million project was the product of British financing, American engineering and Canadian contracting. Tens of thousands of men and 450 tons of explosives overcame harsh and challenging climate and geography to create “the railway built of gold.”

The WP&YR climbs almost 3000 feet in just 20 miles and features steep grades of up to 3.9%, cliff-hanging turns of 16 degrees, two tunnels and numerous bridges and trestles. The steel cantilever bridge was the tallest of its kind in the world when it was constructed in 1901.

The 110 mile WP&YR Railroad was completed with the driving of the golden spike on July 29, 1900 in Carcross Yukon connecting the deep water port of Skagway Alaska to Whitehorse Yukon and beyond to northwest Canada and interior Alaska.

White Pass & Yukon Route became a fully integrated transportation company operating docks, trains, stage coaches, sleighs, buses, paddlewheelers, trucks, ships, airplanes, hotels and pipelines. It provided the essential infrastructure servicing the freight and passenger requirements of Yukon’s population and mining industry. WP&YR proved to be a successful transportation innovator and pioneered the inter-modal (ship-train-truck) movement of containers.

The WP&YR suspended operations in 1982 when Yukon’s mining industry collapsed due to low mineral prices. The railway was reopened in 1988 as a seasonal tourism operation and served 37,000 passengers. Today, the WP&YR is Alaska’s most popular shore excursion carrying over 390,000 passengers during the 2012 May to September tourism season operating on the first 67.5 miles (Skagway, Alaska to Carcross, Yukon) of the original 110 mile line.

White Pass & Yukon Route 5

…I sat inside only for the first part of the trip, the rest of it I stood on the platform behind the engines on the way up…and was the last car on the way down!

White Pass & Yukon Route 7White Pass & Yukon Route 9

As we climbed the mountain…the fog got closer and closer until it was all around us!
White Pass & Yukon Route 11White Pass & Yukon Route 12
White Pass & Yukon Route 14

Here’s someone doing track maintenance with their train they take up the mountain. (I can’t remember the name of it..but saw one in the Transportation Museum today in Whitehorse!)

White Pass & Yukon Route 15White Pass & Yukon Route 14White Pass & Yukon Route 17

This is an old bridge…that is nicknamed the Ghost Bridge…can you guess why? White Pass & Yukon Route 21

Going through one of the tunnels… White Pass & Yukon Route 22

The Conductor…every train needs one! White Pass & Yukon Route 24

This is at the official boarder…which is also the Summit!  This is where the engines were switched to the other end of the train for our trip back down to Skagway. White Pass & Yukon Route 25

White Pass & Yukon Route

White Pass & Yukon Route 29White Pass & Yukon Route 32White Pass & Yukon Route 33

…we all got our photo taken with the Conductor.  White Pass & Yukon Route 36

…and then we were back in Skagway…where the rain started to pour yet again! White Pass & Yukon Route 40

On the Road to Skagway, Alaska!

…after spending the night at Little Salmon Lake just a little ways from Faro we got on the road again!  We had a quick stop in Whitehorse to get some cash and do a bit of shopping…then we were back on the road!

Our first stop was Carcross… it started to rain when we pulled off to take this photo! We didn’t let a little rain stop us as we explored the info centre and general store!

On the Road to Skagway 1Jen just standing outside of the old ‘railway’ station…in Carcross!

On the Road to Skagway 2

There was a lot of driving…and the scenery was stunning! The mountains were so amazing… add it a bit of midst/fog and it made it even more magical. On the Road to Skagway 4

We did stop a few times to take in some of the ‘pull-outs’ so we could get out and walk around…. it was so gorgeous!

On the Road to Skagway 6 On the Road to Skagway 7 On the Road to Skagway 9

The thing I sort of knew but didn’t really realize was that to get to Alaska… we actually had to leave the Yukon and dip into Northern British Columbia…(go look at a map!) We passed through the boarder stop of Fraser, BC. On the Road to Skagway (1)

The drive over the last bit of the mountains was pretty fogged in… we were basically in the clouds! On the Road to Skagway 10

I was told that the view behind this sign is amazing… gorgeous mountain peaks… but it was a sky of white for us… kind of made the “white pass” name come true! On the Road to Skagway 12


We came down into Skagway, Alaska… On the Road to Skagway 13

We got ourselves situated at our campground… then had a really fun night out on the town.  On the Road to Skagway 15

We met a few new friends… and enjoyed our time at the Red Onion Salon.. the rain didn’t dampen our spirits at all!

On the Road to Skagway (2)

Stay Tuned for more adventures in Alaska!


Happy Birthday Jen!


…we celebrated Jen’s birthday on our First Night when we camped all together at Wolf Creek… then we celebrated again when we were in  Alaska!

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